Use LinkedIn to Get More Customers

When you use LinkedIn effectively, even your second- and third-level connections become prospective customers.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your business and attract more customers through the Internet, you are probably active in various social networks. Facebook and Twitter are the networks that most people think of when it comes to generating sales. However, we often overlook the potential of LinkedIn.

As you know, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. In 2017 LinkedIn had more than 450 million users, and it continues to grow. The point is that LinkedIn is a social network for doing business. To enhance LinkedIn growth an authentic growth service can be used. However, it is advised not to use services like Linked Helper 2. If you read the review of Linked Helper 2, you will know how harmful it can be for your profile. Moreover, it can generate a large number of qualified leads with much less effort than other networks. This is one reason there are now helpful tools for LinkedIn automation.

How can you use LinkedIn to grow your business? Just follow these five simple steps.


#1: Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Appear in More People Searches

If you want your future clients to find you easily within LinkedIn, you must optimize your profile. To do this, include keywords for which you want to appear. This will bring your profile to the top of searches when someone searches for people like you on LinkedIn.

The keywords are the terms by which potential clients can find you. For example, if you sell your services as a coach to help companies increase their sales, “coach” and “sales” are the keywords that you should use throughout your profile.

But where should you use them, exactly? In the following sections:


The title is a section to which LinkedIn gives more weight when positioning candidates.

Tag Line

Briefly describe what you offer your customers. Be sure to include your key terms in a natural way.

Professional Experience

Describe the projects and clients with whom you have worked. Here, try including your key terms several times. This will help LinkedIn to position you better.


Ask your contacts to validate skills related to your key terms.

LinkedIn 2


Use recommendations that include key terms naturally. Including these terms here will reinforce your positioning.


Include your key terms here. The more the better, because LinkedIn will take them into account when it comes to positioning you.

Use These Tricks

With these tricks, you can more easily get LinkedIn to position you near the top for the keywords that you decide to optimize in your profile. Another added benefit is that Google will also position you well in searches that your potential customers conduct in that famous search engine. That’s because LinkedIn is a website that Google holds in high esteem.

Therefore, optimize your profile, and you will start receiving more visits in a short time.

#2: Publish Articles in Pulse

For a little more than a year, LinkedIn has allowed users to publish articles that you can share with your contacts. These articles are ideal for adding value to your network. Moreover, they capture the attention of potential customers.

Therefore, post relevant information to your market niche regularly. Usually, one article a week should suffice. For example, you could publish articles related to how to increase sales.

Additionally, at the end of each article write a short biography that indicates what you do. This brief bio should also contain a link to your website, as well as indicate the products or services you offer.

Conclude with an invitation to connect with you through LinkedIn. In this way, you facilitate connecting with potential clients, some of whom will contact you after reading your article.

#3: Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a real gold mine of information. There are LinkedIn groups for almost everything. Locate those groups in which your target customers meet and begin to establish a relationship with them. Do this by:

  • Sharing relevant content with them.
  • Discussing your publications. This helps to provide your point of view as a professional.
  • Recommending actions they can take to improve their businesses.
  • Sending them emails with information that may interest them.

The more active you are, the more visibility you will have. Best of all, the more you will be perceived as an expert. This alone will increase your chances of attracting customers.

#4: Contact the Right People

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn allows you to connect directly with your potential customers. Then you can add them to your network of contacts, greatly facilitating your business. All you have to do is use the people search and start contacting potential clients.

Although there are professionals who prefer to create a network of trusted contacts by connecting only with people they know, we recommend that you connect with everyone. Why? It’s simple. If you want to attract customers you need maximum visibility.

In short, the wider your network of contacts, the more chances you have for your contacts to share your content with their own network of contacts. Therefore, the greater reach you have. This will undoubtedly increase your chances of connecting with potential customers.

What’s more, you will be surprised at how even your second- and third-level connections receive LinkedIn notifications, even by email. This all works to your advantage.

#5: Keep Your LinkedIn Contact Network up to Date

Not only is it important to expand your network of contacts on LinkedIn, but it’s also critical that you maintain it in a natural fashion. Therefore, try to get to know your contacts on LinkedIn—in person.

Check your network of contacts periodically and remind them that you are still there in case they need something. If you become a valuable person to them, the chances are that your contacts will recommend you in turn to others, which will increase your business.

Use LinkedIn to Generate New Business Opportunities

Using LinkedIn, you can grow your business exponentially in only a short time. This platform allows you to find potential customers and share content with them. Your customers, in turn, share your content, generating new business opportunities for you.