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There are many ways to publicize your business. Some strategies, like advertising, need investment. However, others are free. Some need constant monitoring. Some pay off immediately, and some show results in the longer run.

With any of them, you can find ways of saving money. Then you’ll be able to focus on how you are spending your hard-earned money on your marketing efforts. Here are some creative strategies to publicize your business.

1. Send out Press Releases

Large corporations send press releases frequently. However, small and midsize businesses often do not realize that they will benefit from this publicity tactic.

While you’ll be able to pay somebody to write your press releases, it isn’t hard. You could try and do it yourself. Learn the right format and use it. For example, always ensure that your press releases are written as communications instead of as ads.

Look for a website where you’ll be able to post your press release for distribution, such as Meanwhile, don’t ignore local media and radio stations. That’s where your local customers will be.

Once you get them published, either online or in print media, don’t forget to link them in your social media accounts. Additionally, inform the media about any news your company has. A secondary advantage of this strategy to publicize your business is that it will get you well-versed with upcoming exciting events.

2. Publicize Your Business by Pitching Stories to Media

Pitching a story involves being creative and proactive. Therefore, if you want to pitch a story to the media, communicate with a columnist, a blogger, or a reporter. Also, anyone with a significant follower base can help you publicize your business.

Does your company have a compelling story to tell? Every company has a story. So come up with a creative way to tell your company’s story that encourages people to buy your products and services.

How to Come up with a Story

For example, if you have a service for homeowners, like renovations or landscaping, you could pitch a story on home improvement or yard maintenance tips. Basically, consider subjects associated with health, food, pets, law, investment, or any other topic that relates to your business.

Additionally, seek out reporters, columnists, bloggers, podcasters, or anyone with a platform who might be interested in your story. People such as these are nearly always looking for a good story, and they can help you publicize your business. You might even get interviewed.

3. Hire Influencers

Influencers are people who have earned a significant following. These days, people generally think of influencers in terms of social media. Wherever you find one, an influencer can help you publicize your business.

Usually, influencers are entertainers, authors, bloggers, podcasters, or social media celebrities. Additionally, there are micro-influencers. These are people who are known for their particular niche on social media. Especially if their niche appeals to your company’s target audience, they could help you publicize your business.


Begin creating a connection by writing about certain influencers on your blog or social media pages. Follow up by linking to their content. Next, contact them via email or social media and ask if they’d be willing to help you publicize your business. However, be sure to choose those influencers who have some connection to your business or your target audience.

4. Subscribe to HARO

HARO is an acronym for “help a reporter out.” This is a consolidation service in which editors, producers, and journalists post queries. They’re trying to find individuals to interview or guests for their shows.

The HARO listing is distributed via email three times daily and includes 20 to 30 journalists’ requests each time. If you notice a request that is compatible with your company’s products or services, contact that journalist.

However, be sure to follow the instructions for replying. Also, make sure that your response is directly targeted to their request.

If you haven’t thought to interact with the media until now, HARO provides a simple and economical way to publicize your business.

Get Creative About New Ways to Publicize Your Business

The simplest ways can help you publicize your business without burning a hole in your pocket. Therefore, if you’re looking to have better conversions this year, use the above-outlined tips.

It can help to remember that public relations aren’t just for high-end brands. Anyone who wants to publicize their business can do so.

It is said that if you’ve decided to do something great in your life, the whole universe conspires for you to do that. Now is the time to take your business to new heights!

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