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Best Mobile Apps for Your Business

If you’re starting out small with your business, don’t miss out on some critical mobile apps that can take you ahead.

Every startup needs to look for ways to minimize expenses and maximize resources. Smartphone apps are a great resource, as most of them are either cheap or free to use. Here, we list the types of mobile apps you need for your business.

1. Social Media Apps

Digital marketing through social media is one of the top ways to bring in traffic and generate conversions. Therefore, you need to have accounts in platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This will help you to improve your reach. You can also try Pinterest and Snapchat for your business.

The mobile apps for these platforms are easy to manage on your phone. And they will definitely accelerate traffic to your site.


2. Utility Apps

Utility apps are built-in mobile apps on most Android and iOS phones. These are mobile apps such as the calculator, reminder, weather, flashlight, and so on. We use these apps frequently without stopping to consider how much we depend on them.

For instance, we use them for scheduling meetings and being on time. We calculate monetary figures and stay prepared about the weather. All in all, these mobile apps are of great help.

3. An Editing App

We all need a touch up photo editor so we can easily post pictures onto social media. Nowadays, people post so much on their WhatsApp and Facebook statuses. Therefore, a touch-up photo editor can come in handy, especially when you’re trying to promote your business.

What’s more, if you have access to photo editing from your phone, why would you need Photoshop? These mobile apps not only save you time but also save you money. This is especially the case if you’ve been paying a graphic designer.

4. Productivity Apps

Productivity apps include Google Docs, Google Sheets, and pay or wallet mobile apps. Perhaps you use some of these apps on your desktop already. However, the mobile versions come handy when you’re on the go and you need to quickly check and approve files through emails. Using an email unifier app will help you increase your inbox productivity and focus.

These mobile apps make our everyday lives easier and help us get things done faster.

5. Mobile Apps for News

Even if the news doesn’t always directly concern your business, you need to have a news app. How else will you stay updated? Such mobile apps give us information about what is going on in the world. What’s more, sometimes the news can directly affect your business. Apps like Google News, Buzzfeed, Reddit, and LinkedIn Pulse are essentials for every business owner.

6. Lifestyle Apps

Lifestyle apps are the day-to-day apps that you install on your phone for both personal and professional reasons. These apps might concern your business niche. Or maybe you use them to promote your well-being.

So most of us keep fitness apps, food apps, travel apps, and music apps handy. Also, if your niche concerns any of these, you will surely use these apps. Some lifestyle apps that everyone needs include Uber, TripAdvisor, Spotify, and more.

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Make Good Use of Mobile Apps for Your Business

If you haven’t downloaded some of these mobile apps yet, it is time you do. Then make the best use of them for your business.