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Let Automation Marketing Make Your Life Easier

Are you looking to get more done in a single day? Getting everything done yourself can be cumbersome and overwhelming. But a good automation marketing solution will help.

Thanks to automation marketing tools, anyone working online can perform multiple functions at the same time and with minimal effort. However, to find a good match, you have to watch out for certain features.

Looking for the best automation marketing solution? Use this checklist of the 10 must-have features as a guide.

1. Data Integration

To help you understand each one of your customers’ patterns, your automation marketing solution should have data integration.

This way, you are able to generate leads, prepare useful content for them, and improve product and service quality.

2. Email Marketing

This fundamental tool allows you to reach out to existing customers and anyone else on your mailing list. It’s an excellent marketing tool. For instance, through email campaigns you can have, retain, and freely engage with your customers.

What’s more, email marketing makes it possible to send scheduled messages if you have an upcoming event or occasion.

In addition, it can track and record customer behavior by identifying the number of clicks and opens. If you want to automate the processes and send bulk emails to your subscribers, I recommend you to use EngageBay’s marketing automation tool designed for this purpose.


3. Lead Management

This tool enables you to detect prospects, track potential customers, seize leads, and monitor existing clients. Plus, it allows you to personalize content and improve sales outreach.

4. Reporting and Analytics

This feature helps compile insights from clients to aid in decision-making and gauge performance. It will also monitor the return on investment for your campaigns.

Additionally, you can use the information gathered from databases to analyze and prepare reports.

5. Social Media Integration

Followers on your social media pages will want to comment and reach you at random during the day. Also, if your company has an international reach, customers may want to contact you while you’re sleeping. Therefore, you might be unavailable to respond to each of your social media followers instantly.

This is where social media integration comes in. This is the piece of automation marketing that makes you look like you are available throughout the day or night.

Plus, it allows you to keep your accounts updated and active. You’ll also be able to respond promptly to customer concerns, maximize success on your social media campaigns, push and schedule timed posts, and so on.

6. Customer Segmentation

Want to know your customer trends, demographics, and location? With segmentation as a feature of your automation marketing tool, you are able to manage, maintain, and sort customer information.

7. Testing Tools

With the help of a testing tool, there will be no trial and error when planning to unveil marketing campaigns and make important decisions.

Here, you can tell how well the different Salesforce ActiveCampaign sync will work, for example. Then you can choose the one that proves the most effective and likely to yield best results.

8. Setup and Usability

When you have an automation marketing solution with easy setup and usability, you and your staff will have an easier time using the software. Fundamentally, it should be user-friendly. Also, it should enhance efficiency and productivity at the workplace.

Moreover, it should be easy to set up and should need minimal training time.

9. Security

It’s imperative that you ensure maximum confidentiality when conducting business online. Security is, therefore, an essential feature in any automation marketing solution.

This way, you ensure that company data and client information is always protected.

10. Customer Support

Should you experience downtime, have demands, or need answers to questions, customer support is there to help attend to all your needs.

Find an automation marketing solution that provides continuous support 24/7.

Automation Marketing Solution Disclaimer

There are hundreds of automation marketing solution vendors for you to choose from. However, how do you know which one is right for your business?

Instead of going for that marketing solution with the most hype, you are better off taking a moment first to analyze your business needs. Then choose a solution that’s best for your business.

Take up as many free trials as possible, read reviews, and conduct surveys before making your final decision. 

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