Slack, especially when used in conjunction with the Standuply app, facilitates communications within and among teams of creatives. This is especially useful for teams who are working on the same or similar projects.

It’s easy today for a team of software developers or other creatives to have synchronicity in their working styles. This is true even if people are based in different cities or on different continents. That’s because software tools such as Slack ensure there are no unintended lulls in either their internal or their external communications. Moreover, the Standuply app, when used in conjunction with Slack, facilitates this process.

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Slack Is a Vital Component of the Modern Workforce

Teams of creatives, however, often operate under less than harmonious conditions. So how can managers simplify their internal communications? This is where Slack comes in.

Slack is indispensable when it comes to building dynamic communications around a developing project. Slack facilitates the working together of team members as they hammer out a project’s details.

This agility holds true even as separate groups break away to work on specialized tasks as needed. Meanwhile, managers find it easy to follow the conversation in Slack as it unfolds.


Teams on tight deadlines rely daily on brief and lively standup meetings, an area where Slack leaves something to be desired. Therefore, such teams need an app that will work seamlessly with Slack. In short, they need an app that will expedite standup meetings.

Standuply fills this bill nicely. In fact, Standuply has already done this successfully, by providing a Slack bot for standups for more than 35,000 teams, including teams at Microsoft, Google, and IBM.

What Is Standuply?

Standuply is a digital tool designed to be used with Slack. What’s more, it replaces the functions of so-called scrum masters. In other words, it is a bot that manages internal communications, just as scrum masters do. Additionally, it provides motivation and ensures the team’s integrity.

Following the major phases of the scrum method, the Standuply app executes these activities:

  • Arranges standup meetings
  • Runs Sprint Retrospectives
  • Helps with backlog grooming
  • Sets and manages advance reminders for team members
  • Creates Slack polls

The scrum master instructs participants to pick up the tasks of a team member who is out sick. Additionally, the scrum master requests team members to share skills and assume collective responsibility for the end result.

Standuply Replaces the Scrum Master’s Functions on Slack

In other words, the role of the scrum master is to follow the working process. He or she observes the internal life of the developing group, motivates people, and removes difficulties. And now, the multi-functional Standuply app takes on the functions of the scrum master, all while working seamlessly with Slack.

Use a Scrum to Kick a Project Off

A scrum usually takes place when when the opportunity arises to create a valuable product for clients.

When that occurs, your task is to understand whether or not the working group is running in the right direction. The scrum format helps you to release the next version of the product more quickly. Moreover, you’ll be set to receive regular feedback and quickly modify the product as needed. Plus, you’ll be able to improve the working process as the project proceeds.

Among Standuply’s most valuable functions is that it helps remote teams to work on specific issues together. That’s because the app automatically arranges their standups to coordinate with their various time zones.

Managers choose participants and customize questions. Additionally, they set reminders, arrange for asynchronous delivery, and thread support. Standuply then reaches out to selected people via the Slack app, asking them the customized questions you have set up. Then the bot collects the team’s answers to your questions and prepares a project status report for your staff.

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Let Standuply Be Your Slack Scrum Master

Operating as the scrum master, Standuply helps to organize the process of working in a group. This facilitates the regular release to end users of engaging and compelling products.

In many teams, the pathway from idea to the finished product has grown significantly shorter, thanks to the scrum methodology. In modern times, this is truly a competitive advantage, particularly for small companies.

But just imagine how much more productivity the Standuply app could provide for your teams when used in conjunction with Slack.

Just think: You’ll have no need to appoint a scrum chief anymore. Isn’t that an idea worth considering?