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Gambling Online: A Guide for Gaming Income

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As busy business owners, finding downtime activities can be difficult. Time is money, as they say. Therefore, astute entrepreneurs may wonder if it is possible to earn an income by gambling online.

If, as the saying goes, the house always wins, how smart is it to play money in online casinos? That the gambling industry thrives does not mean, however, that gamblers’ chances of success are zero. People do win large amounts of money in a casino, or, in Finnish, “kasino.”


In order to keep players engaged, the gaming industry also sets itself up for success with innovation, through gambling online.

Can Players Win?

Questions about the ability to win against the house are valid. After all, the truth is that casino owners do win much more often than players do.

In 2018, for example, gaming revenue for the US commercial casino industry reached an all-time high of $41.7 billion. That is up 3.5 percent from 2017. The gambling sector would not have such colossal revenue if casinos distributed monetary prizes left and right to their customers. 

Gambling Online Saves the Industry

This year, the global lockdown has already deprived the industry of more than $21 billion in consumer spending in America. Still, the industry fares much better than other sectors thanks to its online business.

Forbidden to visit land-based casinos, people have been gambling at virtual casinos with heightened enthusiasm during the quarantine. By doing so, consumers brought the casino stock higher.

So even during the Coronavirus pandemic, the house has managed not only to stay afloat but also earn to money, even though its earnings may look modest in comparison to its previous revenues.   

Take Note of Some Notable Winnings

Whether gambling online or in person, the largest ever-recorded slot win went to an American. This person wagered $100 on Megabucks at Excalibur and won $39.7 million.

The biggest online slot win is £13.2, or $16.4 million. It was scooped by British Jon Heywood on the Mega Moolah slot and was entered the Guinness World Records in 2015.

Players also win substantial amounts of money playing poker. Finns, whose players are considered among the best poker specialists in the world, earn millions playing against their opponents. In 2009, Patrik Antonius, the most famous Finnish player, won the biggest online poker pot worth $1,356,946. He won this prize in a game against the Swedish professional Viktor Blom. 

Gamble Online to Win

In order to decide how to earn money by wagering online, you need to bear in mind that poker and slots are fundamentally different games. Winning in poker depends on skill, whereas making a fortune on slot machines is a matter of luck.

If you do not play such skillful games as poker, chess, backgammon, rummy, or spades, you could try your luck gambling on real-world or online slot machines.

gambling online

As slot games enjoy great popularity, the lion’s share of casinos’ earnings is generated by lovers of slots. On the Las Vegas Strip, the area with the largest concentration of slots in the world, 39,680 slot machines produce revenues of between $219 and $79,962 per day.

Read an Online Gambling Case Study: Finland

Consider the possibility of gaming from anywhere in the world. For instance, in Finland, slot machines are ubiquitous. They are available in restaurants, bars, convenience stores, and gas stations. Additionally, customers are not even required to show ID to play.

Finns are so fond of slots that Veikkaus, the government-owned betting agency, has become concerned about growing gaming addiction in the country.

To keep slot gaming under control, Veikkaus has promised to remove about 8,000 out of 18,500 slot machines located across the country. It also plans to introduce a Veikkaus gaming account. This account will be required in order to play the remaining slot machines. 

Of course, Finnish people might dislike the removal of their favorite slot machines. So, the industry answers this dislike with online slot games to compensate for the loss. Therefore, Finnish local websites and EU-licensed foreign online casino operators offer potential customers a large selection of options.

Making Gambling Online Personal

Holidays, movies, adventures, sports, shows, animals, fairy tales, horror, and space all provide backgrounds for play. Inventors of themed slots cater to players’ psychological needs. They either let them relive their childhood memories or fulfill their deepest wishes.

So while playing slots, people can relive past events, emulate their favorite characters, or pretend to be famous movie stars or talk show hosts.

Slot games even invite people to go back to their roots. Players can take part in the adventures of their distant ancestors. For example, players can play a variety of slot games featuring medieval Vikings and creatures from Norse mythology.  

In 2018, Veikkaus signed a lucrative deal with Yggdrasil, a supplier of innovative game solutions. This deal provided an even richer choice of slot games for Finns, including Penguin City, Hanzo’s Dojo, Wolf Hunters, Lilith’s Inferno, Sahara Nights, Golden Chip Roulette, and the trilogy of Vikings.

Yggdrasil’s video slots also come with a range of in-game promotional tools, among which is Boost. Boost allows promotions to run from within the game. This provides maximum cross-sell opportunities.

Boost can also enhance players’ experience by using in-game tournaments and leaderboards, cash races, and gamification features that strengthen retention and improve players’ engagement. 


Slots allow players all over the world to earn money online. The biggest win in Finland occurred in 2013 at PAF virtual casino. A Finnish gambler placed a €0.25 cents bet on the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot. He then racked up €17,861,800 and thus set a new world record for the largest payout at a time.

Every time Finnish gamblers play on slot machines, they hope to reap an equally handsome profit from online gambling. So when you make plans to take some downtime from the busy life of owning a business, consider taking a chance. You could be the next big winner gambling online.