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Whether the owner realizes it or not, a newly established online business needs to collaborate with SEO experts. Why is that? It’s because most owners of new businesses aren’t experts in either design or SEO.

For the purposes of this article we spoke with Victor Smushkevich, CEO of Smart Street Media, a Seattle SEO company that is well-known for its expertise in design. What’s more, they are also expert at collaborating with new companies to help them build websites with enhanced search engine optimization (SEO).

Are you the owner of a new online company who needs help with design and SEO? And would you like to collaborate with an SEO company that can help you develop your website to be the best that it can be? Then keep reading to learn more.

Great Design Drives Traffic

Without a well-designed website, an online company will go nowhere fast.

But websites with exceptional design features get more traffic. Also, there are ways of designing a website to make it more search-engine friendly. In other words, certain design features can enhance your website’s SEO.

The way to obtain these features is to collaborate with experts who specialize in both design and SEO. That’s exactly what the designers at Smart Street Media do. That is, they specialize in design and collaboration, and they know their stuff when it comes to SEO. Work with them, and your website will not only be beautiful, but it will also climb higher in the SEO rankings each day.

And you know what that means, right? Your website will look and feel amazing, and you’ll have lots of traffic, too. More traffic means more leads, and more leads mean more sales.

Great Design Enhances SEO

Web design that’s based on developing your site’s SEO is user-friendly. Navigation is easy because the site is laid out well.

Contrast this approach with sites you’ve likely visited which focus strictly around SEO but which lack features that make them attractive to visitors. On the other hand, a site that is beautifully designed but with no eye toward SEO will likely never get the traffic it needs to make the business sustainable.


Design and Content Work Together

Additionally, any good website needs content that its users find valuable. Regardless of how appealing the site might be to the eye, if it doesn’t offer content that users want and need, they won’t be visiting all that often.

Moreover, you must take care to update your content continually. Keep it fresh, and people will return again and again to see what’s new. Old content, on the other hand, won’t pull in much traffic. That’s because we human beings, at least in these times, are always looking for what’s new, what’s trending, what’s fresh. If it’s old, we’re just not all that interested.

Make Your Website More Appealing

So start by ensuring that your website is beautifully designed with an eye to enhancing your SEO. Then populate your site with interesting, informative, and entertaining content that you update on a continual basis.

These things will bring you traffic, which will give you leads, which will lead to sales. And that, basically, is how you should go about building a successful online business.