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Essential Businesses Every Community Needs

Photo by Christiann Koepke on Unsplash

Small businesses serve the needs of their communities, in a symbiotic relationship that allows those communities to thrive and prosper. In this way, these essential businesses allow for a healthy economy. Every community needs businesses like those mentioned here in order to function properly.


Grocery Stores

A grocery store is one of the most essential businesses in any town. Without grocery stores a community can’t flourish. Grocery stores supply the community with food. Without access to food, people would soon move away. Grocery stores rely on repeat business and most often see the same customers on a weekly basis.


Banks are essential businesses also. Customers need banks, and they trust them to hold and protect their money. Also, banks give out loans to other businesses and to people. They receive repeat business from customers who keep bank accounts open with the same bank for several years.

Retail Stores

Other essential businesses are retail stores. Retail stores include stores where people shop for clothing. Additionally, retail stores recirculate money within the local economy. Without them, the community’s economy would collapse.

Pest Control

Pest control is one of those essential businesses a community must have. This type of business keeps pests and bugs at bay. A community that is infested with pests is not a healthy community. Moreover, pests can cause financial problems as well. Moxie Services is an example of a reliable pest control business.


Restaurants are essential businesses as well. Not only are they a source of food, but also they serve small communities as social centers. Local mom-and-pop restaurants contribute significantly to a community’s economy. They serve as places of employment, social activity, and nourishment for their communities.

Medical Practices

Medical and dental offices are essential businesses in any town. Clinics for doctors and dentists, urgent care facilities, and hospitals all enable a community to be safe and healthy. These types of businesses can count on plenty of repeat business. For example, doctors and dentists never have to worry about a decline in customers.

Recreational Businesses

Recreational businesses are definitely essential businesses. These businesses might be sports-related businesses such as gyms. Other examples of recreational businesses include dance halls, music halls, and other entertainment-related businesses. Additionally, many of these establishments offer beverages or food to customers.

Educational and Childcare Centers

Education and childcare centers are also essential businesses. This is because both public and private schools are necessary for education for people of all ages. Additionally, they are vital to the long-term health of the economy.

Childcare services are essential businesses as well. This is because parents leave their children in these centers while they work. These types of businesses provide fundamental services for both parents and children. For example, this is where children first learn what they need to know to grow into fully functioning adults.

Utilities, Fire Fighters, and Law Enforcement

Finally, all communities need to have those essential businesses that supply services such as utilities and law enforcement. Utilities provide communities with electricity, running water, and trash pickup. Law enforcement serves and protects the community. Firefighters put out fires and rescue people who are caught in fires. 


All of these essential businesses rely on repeat customers. Moreover, these businesses are interconnected and they benefit from all the same people. This is because a community is like a family. These essential businesses cannot survive without other small businesses or repeat business from members of the community. Neither can the community survive without each of these essential businesses.