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Forex Investing: An Overview of the Top Online Courses

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Have you become intrigued with the notion of Forex trading because of everything you have read about it online? Before you jump in, look into taking an online Forex investing course. In this post, we examine some of the best of them.

Of course, the reason you might decide to go into Forex investing is because you want to make a profit. Everyone wants that. For this very reason, lots of people are flooding into this market right now. However, many of them are failing at Forex investing because they haven’t taken the time to learn about it first.

You, however, can be one of the wiser traders by becoming educated. Then, move into the market as you feel ready to do so.


How Forex Investing Works

The Forex market has a global presence. It stays open night and day, every day of the year, and it never closes. Additionally, Forex investing happens in what traders call an “over-the-counter market.” By this they mean that Forex investing happens rapidly and directly between the parties who are holding the money.

Because Forex investing is based on trading currencies, many people prefer it over other investment platforms. However, the wise traders among them know that they must develop an understanding of the Forex market in order to succeed with Forex investing.

An Overview of the Top Online Forex Investing Courses

There are hundreds of online Forex investing courses. In these courses, you can learn what you need to know about Forex investing, even including how to invest 100k. Of course, you need to be sure the course you sign up for will teach you what you need to learn.

Below is a list of some of the best online Forex investing courses. Any of these will help you become better with currency trading:

1. Forex Trading A-Z

Forex Trading A-Z offers courses on Udemy for both beginners and advanced traders. Students learn how to trade and make money with Forex investing, even if they are beginners.

What’s more, once you purchase this course you’ll have a lifetime subscription. This means you can revisit what you learned from instructor Kirill Eremenko whenever you need to.

Eremenko’s courses contain detailed information about the trading chart, short selling, currencies, and the global marketplace. Additionally, there are classes on Forex trading hours and time zones. He also shares some honest reviews with his students, based on his several years of experience with Forex investing.

2. ForexSignals

ForexSignals has a lot to offer to new traders as well as experienced ones. Gain access to a free trial by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Start your journey into the forex markets by way of their numerous educational videos. Then take any questions you have directly to the site’s mentors. These are seasoned traders who are eager to share with you what they have learned about the forex markets. They can even give you tips and advice on cryptocurrencies, too.

Once you feel ready to dive in, check out the site’s list of fully vetted brokers so you can get started. But be sure to become part of the thriving community of other traders on the ForexSignals site as well. Take part in lively discussions on the message board about what, how, and when to trade. Scroll through, comment, and even start a new thread about a forex trading topic that interests you.

Dive deep by watching the site’s mentors trade in real time on live streams that take place several times daily. Here, the mentors share trading tips and talk about the strategies they’re using. You can even shoot them a question right then and there.

To keep things exciting, this site runs competitions and offer cash prizes. In fact, ForexSignals is popular with as many as 150,000 traders each week, so they must be doing something right.

3. is another site where you can advance your knowledge. Start in their courses as a beginner and progress to being an intermediate online trader. This site offers multiple ebooks, podcasts, live charts, and episodes to support you in improving your skills with Forex investing.

This course also gives you daily news as well as discussions of the major currency picks, information that will keep you abreast of the current market news. not only offers valuable information, their courses are also free of charge.

4. Platinum Trading Academy

Platinum is another set of Forex investing courses that are free of charge. All of the classes are delivered in English, and they all include trading tools, video lessons, and informative blog posts.

So whether you’re already trading professionally or you’re a total beginner, you’ll learn a lot. This is especially true because of the real-time tips and demos they offer in their Trading Television.

Additionally, they offer daily recommendations about currencies that are bringing profits to Forex traders. This makes Platinum Trading Academy the ultimate online Forex investing course for all traders.

5. Learn to Trade

Learn to Trade is an Australian-based course. It’s especially good for beginners who are looking for a mentor. You will have a great time with Greg Secker, the instructor at Learn to Trade. He makes the lessons easy to follow and fun. Moreover, he has a knack for distilling complicated concepts into digestible bits of information. In short, you’ll find his course work easy to understand.

Learn to Trade also offers physical trading workshops in Australia. So if you live in Australia near their site in North Sydney, you can visit them to learn even more. Students begin with the introductory modules. Then if they choose, they can move into the mentorship program for a fee.

6. Forex School Online

The Forex School Online is devoted to helping beginners gain a grasp of Forex investing. They offer two courses, one for beginners and another for more advanced traders. The lead instructor, Johnathon Fox, offers students terrific support. Plus, he answers all the mind-boggling questions students can come up with.

Seek to Become Better Educated About Forex Investing

There are other good online Forex investing courses as well. Look into Six Figure Capital, for instance. There are also, Bizantra, and Forex Strategies. On Udemy look for instructors Kelly Criterion, Larry Williams, and more.

All of these courses will help you to become a well-educated Forex investor. With time and experience, you could become the Forex investing expert you dream of becoming.