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Dealing with Dirt and Clutter in the Workplace

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Having a clean workplace is essential for safeguarding the integrity of any business. However, dirt and clutter can quickly get out of hand.

Cleanliness contributes to the overall well-being of your staff. When dirt and clutter are kept at bay, people can stay productive all year round. Orderliness also helps create a positive image of your business, giving your clients reason to trust you more. Therefore, smart business owners know to hire professional office cleaning service providers.

Looming deadlines and the busyness that accompanies them are certainly factors that contribute to dirt and clutter in the office. Without professional help, it can be difficult to attend to the messiness at once, and dirt and clutter can accumulate quickly. This makes your workplace look unpleasant and disorganized.

So what things make an office become dirty so quickly? And why do you need to know them? The answer is simple. Being aware of these contributing factors lets you know which aspects of your workplace need prompt attention. When you know what they are, you can take the necessary actions to address them.

The Major Contributors of Dirt and Clutter in the Workplace

●       Dirt and Clutter from Paper

Paper is the most notorious cause of dirt and clutter in the office, and the reason for it is pretty obvious. Almost everything you do in the office makes use of paper. Reports, important documents, memos, announcements, and sticky notes are made of paper. In short, even with all our electronic devices, paper still dominates the workplace.

Therefore, papers take up a lot of space in the office. Papers can pile up so quickly that they sometimes no longer fit in their designated file cabinets. And when your staff members are in a hurry, they tend to leave papers on their desks or around their workstations.

How Paper Contributes to Dirt and Clutter

You might be surprised to learn that paper is a such big contributor to dirt and clutter. However, when papers are left piled up in any area in the office, dust begins to accumulate. This dust may mix in the air and cause respiratory ailments among your staff. Also, dust build-up looks unpleasant and makes your office look unprofessional.

One way to deal with this issue is to create an efficient filing system. Make use of folder labels and file holders to organize your files according to categories and importance. Have a bin for discarded paper nearby, and be sure to empty these bins regularly. This way, you can free up some space in your work area and prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, and clutter.

●       Messiness from Food

Another notorious cause of dirt in the office is food. That’s because food usually leaves crumbs. Additionally, some foods smell, and all foods can become spoiled. Leftover foods also attract bugs, which causes another problem in the office.

Most companies discourage their staff from bringing food to their desks. Some even prohibit it entirely. But if you do allow it, you can establish a few rules to maintain the cleanliness of the workplace and keep dirt and clutter to a minimum.

Some Suggestions That Can Help

For example, require your staff to clean up their desks immediately after eating. They should also throw their trash and leftover foods in the proper bins. In addition, they should store their foods in the designated food storage area, usually in the kitchen or breakroom.

More importantly, while you can allow certain types of food in the work area, smelly foods should be prohibited. That’s because the smell can spread quickly in the room, especially when the building is air-conditioned. When you have unexpected visitors, they may find the food odor unwelcoming and unprofessional.

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●       Dirt and Clutter on and Under Furniture

This may sound far-fetched, but furniture, especially the large pieces, also contribute to dirt in the office. A large conference table, for instance, takes a lot of space, making it harder to organize the room. Also, because it remains in one spot, dust accumulates quickly on and under it. Even when professional cleaners vacuum the office regularly, they could miss some hidden spots.


Therefore, it is necessary to move furniture once in a while in order to remove the dirt that has accumulated under it. Furniture also needs periodic deep cleaning, especially upholstered office furniture. For this, professional commercial and office cleaning companies can help you.

These companies provide cleaning services to help keep your workplace clean and tidy, free of dirt and clutter. They can also provide specialized cleaning services for special items, such as furniture, carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Some also even specialize in managing office waste and disposing of it regularly.

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Final Words

Paper, food, and furniture are essential things that you can never take out of the workplace. But that does not mean you cannot effectively address the dirt and clutter that accumulates because of them. There are several ways you can keep your office clean and presentable even with their presence. One is to attend to any mess as soon as it is made. Another is to enlist the help of professional cleaners for high-quality cleaning and effective workplace maintenance.