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Team-Building Ideas for Remote Workers

Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash

Remote workers have a working lifestyle that many crave. However, working remotely can be challenging for some. Here are some ideas for bringing your remote workers into the fold.

Employers Have Reason to Favor Remote Workers

There is a surging trend of employers who approve of remote working. For one thing, it cuts their costs. For instance, remote workers provide their own office space and they generally purchase their own supplies. Additionally, remote workers are often more productive than other employees. However, if you have concerns about workers’ integrity, consider utilizing employee monitoring software, at least until your fears have been alleviated.

Remote Workers Are Often Highly Skilled

We have already seen cities like Liverpool developing in terms of investment, infrastructure, and overall quality of life. All of this activity is attracting a well-qualified labor force, who are highly skilled, young, and forward thinking. Therefore, employers will have to offer a variety of perks to gain their services and get the best out of them on a long-term basis.

One of these perks is to give employees the option of working remotely. For example, it is now common to see the best job search sites showing a variety of firms that include the opportunity of working remotely. This is indeed the case when a candidate searches for jobs in Liverpool at, where there is a range of roles offering the chance of working outside the office.


Working on Your Own Can Be Challenging

However, for some, working on your own can be challenging. And even though not everyone in the office is going to get along, that chat you have by the water cooler or the gossip about the latest Netflix series at lunch does matter. It builds bonds and strengthens working relationships. Remote workers can suffer without such communication and bonding experiences. In some cases, working from home can even compromise a worker’s mental health.

Include Remote Workers in Your Company’s Culture

So, how do employers who approve of the remote working lifestyle maintain a team ethos among distanced staff? To answer this question, here are some team-building exercises that are perfect for remote workers.

Fitness Challenges

Most offices have some sort of fitness challenge going on throughout the year. These may be done for charity or just for office bragging rights, but remote workers can also be encouraged to join.

With the right (and free) fitness apps, remote workers can compete against their colleagues to see who is being the most active throughout the day. Moreover, many of these apps have built-in leader boards that make them convenient. So let the games begin!


Did you ever see the MTV show Cribs on which famous people would give others a tour of their homes? Remote workers could all do the same by giving each other virtual tours of their homes or working spaces. Moreover, this can be more than just a fun way to interact. That is, remote workers could pick up tips from each another to create the optimum working areas in their own homes.

Skype Quiz Night

If there is no viable pub or café where remote workers could all meet for a weekly quiz night, there is no reason that they could not create a group video conference and have their own. They could take it in turns to be the quiz master and make small teams and even form leagues. Virtual Escape room team building activities are a great choice as they get all coworkers brainstorming, problem solving and communicating. Companies like Escapely offer options for teams no matter how small or big and allow your team to work together as if they were in the same room.  

Virtual Talent Show

By the same token, remote workers could also have their own talent shows. Of course, they don’t all have to start singing on video to each other. However, they could share about their hobbies and interests. For example, remote workers who love to draw could share their art by sending images of creations. The possibilities are endless!

Remote Socials

Create a private group on social media where remote workers can keep each other updated about their life and day, including funny photos and videos. It might not replace real gossip by the water fountain, but it’s the next best thing to help them bond from a distance.

Finally, Meet Up

Just because employees work remotely does not mean there should never be the opportunity for them to meet up. Hopefully, there are some valuable conferences they can attend together. Or they can just catch up for coffee occasionally. And certainly encourage remote workers not to miss out on the office holiday party!