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Why an IT Guy Is Essential in 2019

Photo by Patrick Amoy on Unsplash

For many years the IT guy — or gal — was a nerd who sat on the periphery of most businesses, if they even had someone like this at all.

This person was an after-thought in a role that was frequently filled by outsiders or outsourced to other companies. Usually, they were kept at arm’s length.

An outsourced company might still fill the role of IT guy. However, it is a relationship that in the last five years has becoming increasingly important. The truth is that now the role of information technology experts is central to most businesses.

And if it is not central to your business then you are probably asking yourself the question, “What am I doing wrong?” Here are a few reasons why the role of IT expert is not just nice to have, but a critical function in modern business.

No More Mailroom

In days gone by people loved to tell the story of the CEO who began in the mailroom and worked his way up to the boardroom. There probably aren’t too many stories like this that actually happened. However, the point is, back in the day, mail was important.

And it still is.

However, it’s not letters and registered posts that are delivered daily. These days, people send and receive most messages and documents electronically. What’s more, you need to have an IT guy around to ensure that things like your Office 365 email or Outlook are operating and functioning correctly.

For example, if your mail server is down, you won’t be able to communicate with clients and suppliers. Not only does it make your business look bad, but it can also have crippling effects in terms of lost business.

Managing Your Digital Addresses

Once you are ready to go as a business you need to register a domain name. You might even want to register multiple addresses.

Moreover, the registration of these addresses is something that needs to be maintained on a regular basis. You can’t just purchase a digital presence and then expect that it will be fine forever. There are annual payments that need to be made.

What’s more, you need to ensure that hosting and the technical requirements that go along with your addresses are taken care of. It is fiddly at best. Therefore, it is better left to an IT guy to ensure that it happens.


Digital security is a huge thing. It is vital that you do what is necessary to protect your company and your computers from potential hackers.

There are plenty of shady characters out there who are always looking for security weak points. Once they find a way into your network the possibilities of what can happen are almost endless.


Data theft is one such option, of course, but it could be terminal hijacks or simply the installation of malware onto your machines. These programs could then use your network to try and infiltrate others.

The list of sinister digital activities is endless. However, a good IT guy or gal will ensure that firewalls and anti-virus software are up-to-date and that your network is always secure.

Asset Registers

The things that go missing most regularly from businesses are small electronic devices. Things like laptops and chargers and external hard drives and flash drives can all disappear quickly if not looked after. It is the role of the IT guy to keep a registry. They can ensure that equipment lasts—and sticks around—for as long as possible.


Keep your business running smoothly by either hiring or contracting with an IT guy or gal.

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