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A branded reusable bag serves two purposes. First, they help to conserve the environment. Second, they create awareness for your brand.

What’s more, these bags are affordable for you, and they come in handy for your customers. Their versatility helps to increase customer loyalty, and they leave a lasting impression on customers’ minds because they last a long time.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to design a branded reusable bag that customers will love.


Choose a Material That Matches Your Business

What material best suits your business? Some business will derive great value from strong, sturdy materials that are environmentally friendly for their reusable bags. For example, consider unbleached cotton, which is often used in some clothing and household items. Reusable bags made of cotton or canvas have a long life, so customers will use them for many years after receiving them.

On the other hand, some companies might prefer using recycled materials to convey the message of caring for the environment. In this case, they can use recycled materials from used consumer plastics such as water bottles, thus preventing such plastics from ending up in landfills or the sea.

Choose a Style for Your Reusable Bag

You need to consider your business ethos when you’re choosing your bag style.

For example, you might want several styles and sizes depending on your anticipated customer purchases. Let’s say, for instance, that you deal with bottled beverages, as is the case for breweries, wine shops, and other similar businesses. In that case, you could choose to have bags that hold one, two, three, and up to six bottles.

However, you should start with a single style and progress from that point. There are many other styles for various businesses. For example, for grocery stores, or for trade fairs and shows you can order custom reusable bags, such as non-woven bags, drawstring bags, trade show or convention bags, and vinyl bags, among others.

Select the Color for Your Reusable Bag

Choose the color for your bag based on your company’s colors, which are on your website, signage, brochures, and other things that identify your business. Therefore, if you have not yet defined your company colors, then tackle that first.

Your designer can provide you with a color palette to choose from. After choosing the background color of your bag, you will then need to customize the colors of your logo to harmonize with the background.

Make a Decision About Your Logo

Is your branding collateral made up of more than one logo? Then you will need to pick the one that suits your bag best, depending on the shape and type of the bag.

For example, a single-bottle carrier will look best with a rounded logo occupying most of the width of the bag.

Another option is a stylized business name printed across the face of the bag that is comparatively taller than it is wide. This works best for typical reusable bags for grocery stores.

The issue of color is also critical when thinking of the logo. If you want a multicolored logo, pick a neutral background for your bag, say a black or unbleached canvas. Should you choose a brightly colored background, print your logo in black, white, or navy so that it is conspicuous.

Turn to Expert Help and Proof Your Artwork

If you have no experience in bag marketing, you need to choose a bag manufacturing company that will take responsibility for all of the steps. In this way, you will end up with exactly what you wanted.

To get started, check out, which will put you in touch with the best bag company in the UK. They will help you to get the branded reusable bag that you want.

A word of caution, however: If you are not careful when choosing a bag company to work with, you could end up being disappointed. This is because some bag manufacturers are do-it-yourself operations. Therefore, you will need to make all the tough choices yourself, and this can be tricky if you are inexperienced.

Additionally, you must remember to proof your artwork meticulously before you approve the production, regardless of the bag company you decide to work with.

Order the Right Quantities

One critical thing when it comes to the use of reusable bags as marketing tools is getting the correct quantities of customized reusable bags to order for production.

But this is not something that you will be able to get exactly right from the start. It might take you some time to learn how many bags you will give away or sell. Only then will you be able to replenish the stock before you run out.

So for a start, order enough bags so you don’t run out of them in the middle of an event. However, make sure not to order so many that you are stuck with loads of old stock.

Consider Customer Preferences with Your Reusable Bags

Be sure to consider other factors as well, such as your customers’ tastes and preferences. Refine the design of your branded reusable bags by seeking customer feedback after handing out the first batch. Then consider customers’ views when improving future batches.

It is also critical to ensure that the bag gets into customers’ hands through a proper display if you intend to sell it. Otherwise, be sure to give it out in a proper way if it is a freebie.

Design a Reusable Bag That Your Customers Will Love

Follow the steps outlined above and create a branded reusable bag that your customers will love.