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Environmental Careers: Some Options to Consider

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The clock is ticking on climate change and a sense of urgency is in the air. Are there opportunities to consider that are more eco-friendly than the career path you are on? Why not choose a career that will have more longevity in a society that is focused on environmental issues? In this post, we offer a few ideas.

Manufacture a Sustainable Product

It has never been easier to start a new product brand. For one thing, manufacturers can now use social media to share and promote their new product lines. And the best thing about that is that they need little in the way of marketing funding to do that. The result is a boom in small businesses selling products online.

For example, with online marketplaces such as Etsy you no longer have to consider the expense of a new website. You can just upload your products and be ready to sell them instantly. All you’ll need to pay is a small commission fee when your items actually sell.

Base Your Production on Sustainable Methods

However, in much of the population, profit-taking still has priority over responsibility. Moreover, consumerism and fast fashion are currently at their peak. Therefore, you’ll need to create an excellent unique selling point in order to stand out from the crowd.

So choose to produce a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. In this way, you can promote your brand with a clear conscience, confident that there will be a growing demand for what you sell.

In fact, a recent survey published by an International Trade Centre (ITC) revealed that consumers are increasingly seeking products that reflect ethical treatment of workers and animals. In short, they are growing ever more environmentally conscious. Therefore, retailers that implement sustainable standards in their supply chains have an advantage over their competitors who are not committed to these methods.

Start a Blog Highlighting Environmental Issues

Blogging can be a difficult career path if you relying on it for income purposes, so you will need a lot of patience and determination. However, focusing on environmental issues and sustainable themes is a great way to find success.

This is because there is a growing interest in eco-friendly products and resources. Hopefully, this will attract readers to your blog. With a growing audience, it will become easier to monetize your blog and create an income stream from publicizing environmental issues online.

Monetize Your Blog with Affiliate Marketing

One way to monetize your blog is to engage in affiliate marketing. How this works is that you add links for your online affiliates into the content on your blog. When one of your readers clicks through those links to purchase products from your affiliates, you will receive a small percentage of the product sale.

Invite Eco-Friendly Advertisers onto Your Pages

Additionally, you can place advertisement blocks on your blog pages. This can also add to your income stream. However, it’s important to make sure whatever you are promoting is on brand with your blog. You don’t want any affiliate or advertiser to be in conflict with the eco-friendly message you are trying to share.

In time, your following could to grow to a substantial numbers, and your social media platforms could begin to thrive. When that happens, you could find yourself in a position where brands want to you endorse their products and will happily pay you for the privilege.

Practice Patience and Persistence on Your Road to Success as an Environmental Blogger

There are plenty of ways to generate an income from blogging, but it does require a huge amount of determination and patience along the way. Create articles that are interesting to read and content that is unique and professional. Before long, you’ll see whether you’re on the right path. If you are, you will be creating an online community that promotes sustainable practices enables environmentally friendly income power.


Become an Environmental Statistician

Experienced environmental statisticians enjoy incomes ranging from $80k to $130k a year. Moreover, there is a growing demand for experts in this field. Therefore, a career as an environmental statistician is an attractive route to take.

The main role of an environmental statistician is to analyze and interpret environmental data to be used in environmental studies. If you choose this career path, your role will often involve working with scientists or technical staff from a wide range of backgrounds. For instance, you might get to work with ecologists, biologists, chemists, and physicists. Additionally, your work might also involve working with policymakers and managers.

Supporting scientific research programs for organizations and university departments can be an exciting field. In addition, your work could also eventually be published in peer-reviewed environmental journals.

You Will Need a College Degree for this Environmental Career

You will need a college degree to pursue a career in this field. Areas to consider when choosing a major include oceanography, climatology, ecology, and extreme event risk assessments. You might also need an advanced degree as well to reach your professional goals.

For example, consider earning a masters in statistics online. This could be a great way to further your education while fitting study time around your current job and lifestyle commitments.

Once you’ve completed your masters in statistics you will have many work avenues to consider. While many of these opportunities will be business-related, you can choose to focus on environmental issues as well. This will assure you of a long and in-demand career.

Go into Organic Farming

For an earthy environmental career, create a business in the growing market of organic farming and food production. As the global population is set to continue to grow, so will the demand for food around the globe. Unfortunately, though, many of the current practices within the farming industry are not sustainable or environmentally friendly.

In fact, industry farming has been identified as one of the main factors contributing to growing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. It has also played a part in deforestation in many areas around the globe.

On the other hand, creating and investing in an organic farming business will not only give consumers another opportunity to vote with their money and choose sustainably produced food. Meanwhile, you’ll also be actively improving the environment while operating a profitable business with products that are in growing demand.

Improve Your Chances with an Agricultural Degree

Attend an agricultural university in order to gain knowledge in this field. As you do, you can choose to gain work experience at an organic farm. This will help you understand how the business model actually works.

Moreover, you’ll have more specific choices to make as you proceed down this path. For example, you could go into organic poultry farming, or you could run a humane dairy operation. Other options include either arable or hydroponic farming, either of which can be practiced in sustainable ways.

Whatever agricultural specialty you choose can be environmentally friendly. This is because you can learn ways to control the environment surrounding the plant that reduce growing time as well as reduce problems with bug infestations, fungi, and diseases.

Choose a Business Career That Emphasizes Environmental Issues

A green career path makes sense for the health and well-being of the planet, and it will stand you in good stead for a prosperous future. This is because job numbers in this sector are set to rise as other areas are becoming less stable.

Consumer habits are beginning to change as people everywhere become more environmentally conscious. This creates great opportunity for anyone considering a career based on environmental issues, whether that is eco-tourism, green blogging, sustainable manufacturing, organic farming, or some other environmentally friendly enterprise.