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The pet care industry is one of the fastest-growing industries around. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association, the industry grew from $17 billion in 1994 to almost $56 billion in 2013. As you can deduce from these statistics alone, your pet care business is well-protected against economic downturns.

However, as any business owner would like to do, you would probably still like to grow your own business. In this article, we suggest some ideas to help.

Use Google My Business to Spread the Word About Your Pet Care Business

Google My Business plays a big role for many local businesses, so be sure to use it to promote your pet care business. For one thing, Google My Business gives your current customers a chance to rate your business. Then potential customers can see your ratings online.

On the Google My Business page for your pet care business, you can add your contact number, email, website, and the address of your shop. This is the sort of information that is useful to people who need your goods and services.

There are tons of benefits for making use of Google My Business, so be sure and sign up so you don’t miss out.

Traditional Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Pet Care Business 

However, as with any local business, traditional marketing can go a long way toward promoting your business. Of course, there are TV ads, billboards, and newspaper ads to consider.

However, you don’t have to break the bank to have a successful traditional marketing campaign. That’s because you can use printed brochures and flyers to get the word out about your pet care business. For example, distribute flyers to homes in residential areas in your town, giving people information about your latest offers and new pet care products, as well as information about your pet care business itself.


Moreover, since it generally won’t cost much to distribute your flyers, you could make it a practice to distribute them regularly. For one thing, this can’t help but boost your brand’s image in the community. Your pet care business will come to be known as a full-fledged member of the local community, and your shop’s following will grow as a result.

Additionally, don’t forget to cultivate plenty of word-of-mouth marketing as well, both online and in real life. Your good reputation in the community, along with the great things people say about your business, is the most influential form of marketing there is.

Add CBD Products to Your Product Line

For the past few years, people have begun buying products such as the best cbd dog treats. Not only do pets find these treats calming, they can also be beneficial for pets with issues such as arthritis and other problems that come with aging. Therefore, adding these items to your product line can help to boost your pet care business.

Build Good Relationships with Customers

Most astute business owners understand that it’s cheaper to retain existing customers than it is to try and attract new ones. Therefore, be sure to give your current customers plenty of love.

In fact, try to cultivate good relationships with all of your customers, both old and new. Make sure your staff knows to treat everyone with courtesy, but provide special incentives and benefits to customers who have been loyal to your pet care business over time.

Know Your Competitors

There is no reason to have animosity with your competitors. Far from it. Instead, seek to build cooperative relationships with other local businesses, including other pet care businesses.

Get to know owners of other owners of pet care businesses and discuss some of your business ideas with them. Are there ways you both could win in situations that have stymied you in the past?

When you have harmonious relationships with everyone, including your competitors, your entire community will be better off.