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The global pet grooming product market was valued at almost four billion dollars in 2017, according to Allied Market Research. It is likely to cross the five-billion-dollar mark by 2025, the same research shows. In short, this means the dog grooming business is on the rise.

So if you want to cash in on your love for animals, starting a part-time or full-time dog grooming business is an excellent decision. Moreover, starting in this market doesn’t require a lot of capital. All you will need is a place where clients can meet you—and this can even be online. Additionally, you’ll need some advertising and a few essential supplies. That’s it.

Of those three needs, the third essential is what will discuss in this post: the supplies you need for starting a dog grooming business.

Dog Bath, Shampoo, and Conditioner

As the owner of a dog grooming business, you will need to bathe all kinds of dogs on a day to-day basis. Therefore, you will need a bathtub for little pups and a larger one for large dogs.

You will also need appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your dog grooming business. A quality shampoo prevents infection and excessive shedding. Different problems require different kinds of shampoo⁠—for flea bath, de-shedding, whitening, and so on. Therefore, you need to keep them all.

Also, you’ll need a conditioner to keep the dogs’ hair silky, shiny, and moisturized. Thus, that’s another essential for your dog grooming business.

Fur Dryer

To dry off the dogs after bathing them, a fur dryer can come in handy. The one you need will depend on the type of your business. In other words, if your dog grooming business is a shop where owners bring their pets, a standing dryer will be excellent. On the other hand, if you are going to owners’ houses, a remote dryer will be needed.

In either case, remember to buy one that dries but doesn’t overheat.

Brushes and Combs

Brushing and combing a dog’s fur keeps them comfortable and healthy. Also, frequent brushing and combing prevents hair tangles and mats.

Further, whether you brush or comb will depend on the dog’s breed⁠. Some breeds will need combing, but brushing does a better job on others. So for your dog grooming business you will need to keep brushes of all types⁠. For instance, you’ll need brushes for extra-long fur as well as a bristle brush, a slicker, a glove, a de-tangler, and so on.


The owners of the dogs want their pets to look pretty, so unnecessary fur and matted hair just will not do. That’s why shears are essential for your dog grooming business.

Trimming the pup’s fur from time to time is one of the jobs of a groomer. For that, a variety of tools are available: straight scissors, curved scissors, thinning shears, blenders, and chunkers.


Other Essentials for Your Dog Grooming Business

Apart from the other essential supplies we have already discussed, a few others are also necessary before you can get your business up and running. Some of these are:

  • Nail clippers
  • A grooming table
  • Ear and eye care
  • Dental kits

Additionally, some of your clients might want dog fence reviews and you’ll need to search online to find some.

A Few Final Words About Starting a Dog Grooming Business

Starting a dog grooming business requires essential supplies. The supplies we have listed here are the most important.

As you gain experience in the field, there will surely be others that you’ll want to have. When you add them, be sure to jot them down on your list of essentials.

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