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How to Use Geofencing Apps to Improve Your Marketing

You can only go so far when targeting your ads on the Internet. If you want to optimize your ad campaigns, you need to focus on people close to your business and ready to buy. This is where geofencing apps come into play.

A geofencing app allows you to use smartphone location data to target people in your region. In fact, you can target an area as small as an individual building. With 83% of people using their mobile devices to go online, you can’t ignore the targeting benefits geofencing provides.

Below are five ways a geofencing app can help.


1. Better Targeting with Geofencing Apps

How often do you expect a potential customer to get out of the house and go to your store when they see your ad online? The chances are it isn’t very often. They need to be in the right frame of mind if you want to make a sale.

However, with a geofencing app, you can target potential customers who are already near your business. Since they’re in the area, they’re more likely to stop by and look around.

2. Future Promotions

It isn’t enough to get a person into your store for the first time. This is because not everyone will be a customer the first time around. Therefore, if you want to make the sale, you need a way to target these people after they leave your store.

Geofencing technology keeps track of the people who respond to your ads. This way, you can target advertisements to those very people at a later date. These people have already shown an interest in your products, so they are more likely to convert the second time around. This is one of the main reasons to use a geofencing app.

3. Personalized Ads

If all you do is create one generic ad for all your customers, you aren’t going to see a great return. In fact, the chances are you’ll lose money.

But if you can personalize your ads based on the people you target, you can speak to them more directly and make more sales. With geotargeting and geofencing apps, you can take this a step further. That is, you can use a person’s location to target ads based on what they’re doing at the time.

4. Useful Data

You can only learn so much when using regular digital marketing channels. Of course, you can learn about how some specific demographics respond. But what about entire regions?

With geofencing apps, you can learn which regions respond to your ads and which store locations perform the best. This information will allow you to optimize your ads to get a better return on your investment.

5. Multiple Targeting Methods

If you want to make your marketing campaigns successful, make sure you learn more about geofencing targeting methods. You have several options available to you.

  • Website ads
  • Application ads
  • Push notifications
  • SMS messages

Try out each one to see what works best. Once you figure that out, you can ramp up your budget.

Try Out Geofencing Apps Today

You need all the advantages you can get when setting up your marketing campaigns. Geofencing apps are one of the tools you can use to give each marketing campaign the push it needs. Try out a geofencing service today to see the benefits for yourself.

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