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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria? If so, are you looking for your next opportunity? Here we offer a few suggestions to help.

Many people in Nigeria and elsewhere want to start a profitable business. Usually, people start small. If they work hard and get a few breaks, some can develop their business ideas into something great.

So start now to consider how to bring your business idea to life most effectively. If you start a business in Nigeria now and work hard to maintain it, you have a good chance of making a profit from it.

In this article, we list the most successful small business ideas in Nigeria right now. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investor in Nigeria, these ideas can help you to decide what you want to do. So follow our advice and begin now to build your business and your wealth.


Investors, Take Note

Maybe you are an investor who is searching for opportunities to invest your money. However, perhaps you have a limited amount of money, but you still want a good chance of making a profit.

In that case, review our list of small business ideas in Nigeria, where the economy is growing fast. We assure you that this article is specifically for you and anyone else who is looking for the most creative small business ideas in Nigeria or elsewhere.

What Are the Best Businesses to Start in Nigeria with Little Money?

A lot of potential Nigerian entrepreneurs want to start a business in their own country. Therefore, they search for the most successful small business ideas in Nigeria. There are, in fact, more lucrative business ideas than you can imagine, much more than we can possibly list here. So use this article merely as a springboard and begin searching and digging deeper to find a niche that will satisfy you.

Here are some examples of new business ideas that you can start with a small amount of capital and make a profit.

1. Livestock Farming in Nigeria

One of the best business opportunities in Nigeria is livestock farming. This industry is continually growing and has yet to reach its fullest potential.

This business of livestock farming can be started even in your backyard, provided that you know how to operate the equipment and take care of your livestock. For this business, you will need patience, knowledge, and experience. Some of the niche areas that you can venture into are catfish farming, poultry farming, cattle grazing, goat rearing, snail farming, and many others.

2. Exporting Agricultural Products

Nigeria is a country which is full of various natural resources and quality foods. Start your own exportation business by first registering with the Export Promotion Council of Nigeria. Next, decide which specific product would be best for exporting. Some of the products that are in high demand abroad are cassava flakes, cocoa, yam flour, groundnut, chili pepper, cashew nuts, mango, and many others.

If for some reason you do not want to get involved into exporting agricultural products abroad or have no capital for this, stay at the local level and sell your products within Nigeria. For example, you can earn a good profit by buying and reselling palm oil.

3. Mining

Nigeria is a resource-rich country when it comes to mineral resources. Some of the minerals that our country is especially rich in are coal, iron ore, limestone, bitumen, and others. The mining sector is growing in Nigeria. The government also supports the mining industry. So, if you have a good, trustworthy team, as well as the financial capabilities, you could try your luck in this sector.


Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or an investor in Nigeria, opportunities in that country abound for you.