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Spinning Articles Will Boost Your SEO

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A cost-effective way to generate a greater amount of useful and original content is to “spin” existing articles. Learn about spinning articles by reading here.

Snag Traffic and Gain Traction by “Spinning”

Nowadays, it’s impossible for a business to remain competitive without a solid SEO strategy. Moreover, it’s equally impossible to overstate the importance of driving traffic to your site.

It doesn’t matter how effective your conversion mechanisms are. If you have no traffic, your company will not grow.

It’s as simple as that. Everything starts with traffic.

Marketing experts agree that there is a direct correlation between the amount of useful content your website publishes and the amount of traffic it generates.

One extremely cost-effective way you can create a greater amount of useful content is to “spin” existing articles.

Spinning refers to the practice of finding useful existing content and rewriting it so that it appears original. Originality is critical. This is because Google penalizes websites that publish duplicate or plagiarized content. And you do not want your website to end up in the digital doghouse.

Here’s How Spinning Can Boost Your Site

Some companies employ agencies to do manual spinning. However, others use automated tools. Read this Spin Rewriter review to learn about what makes a great rewriter. In this post, we look at how spinning articles contributes to effective SEO practices.

1. Spinning Articles Lowers the Cost of Customer Acquisition

How much money your business spends on acquiring a new customer is an important metric. If you are creating useful content at a low cost, the average cost of customer acquisition will also be low. This is music to every CEO’s ears.

However, creating original content is expensive. Manually spinning existing content is cheaper. However, if you automate the process using a reputable piece of sophisticated software, you will be generating useful content at a fraction of the cost. This will have a profound effect on your marketing expenses.

2. It’s Affordable SEO Credibility

A steady stream of original content contributes massively to your website’s overall credibility rating with search engines. This is because having Google regard your website as a reliable source of original information will positively affect your content’s ranking on search engine result pages.

Marketers are always looking for affordable and sustainable ways to create this steady stream of original content. And few tactics can match the effectiveness of spinning existing content.

The formula: Find popular posts that feature prominently in search results, spin them well, and publish.

Moreover, if spinning is done skillfully and frequently, Google will love your website.


3. Spinning Articles Enables Content Sharing Across All Your Sites

It’s not uncommon for a business to have more than one web property that can benefit from the same piece of content. However, don’t expect Google to look fondly on the sharing of content. Even if a network of sites has a common owner, search engines still demand originality.

Therefore, if you’ve found a useful piece of content, the only way to use it on your affiliated sites is to rewrite it. As we mentioned before, no method of rewriting is as cost-effective as automated spinning.

4. It Lowers the Cost of Guest Posting

Established sites are often looking for high quality guest posts to populate their blogs with. This increases their site’s value in the eyes of their visitors, of course. But also, it’s an invaluable SEO tactic for them.

It’s likely there will be more than one site interested in publishing a guest post that includes that all-important link to your website. Obviously, however, they will be unwilling to publish unoriginal content. What’s more, they won’t touch an article that’s already been posted by another site.

Enter article spinning. By quickly converting your already-published article into something original, you can easily take advantage of this scenario.

5. Create Backlinks Cheaply

An established method of driving up the rankings of a particular web page is to have as many websites link to it as possible. Google looks favorably on web pages that have been referenced by other sites.



Article spinning is an excellent method of creating multiple posts with the same links quickly and affordably.