Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

A fundraising campaign is always a challenge. First of all, you want your campaign to be informative enough to spread awareness about your cause. Also, you want it to be inspiring enough to gain more followers. And of course, you want it to raise a significant amount of funds.

Digital marketers and CEO’s of nonprofits alike should read these tips about how to make an organization’s next fundraising campaign incredibly successful.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media platforms are the perfect marketing tool for helping charity organizations get their fundraisers off of the ground. They’re an efficient, low-cost way to get the word out and have it spread rapidly.

If you need any proof of the potential of social media, think back a couple of years ago to the ice bucket challenge by the ALS Association. The challenge went viral and the association received an unprecedented $115 million in donations, which went toward ALS research, patient support, and community services.


Track Your Fundraising Campaign

You’re going to want to use a digital marketing analysis software to watch the progress of your fundraising campaign. So use an AI tool to track the metrics. This will allow you to see aspects such as customer interaction, click-throughs, search rankings, social media responses, and more. This crucial information can guide you toward better donor responses. This is because you can adjust factors that are lagging behind and lean into factors that are working well.

One feature that’s incredibly convenient is anomaly detection. This metric allows you to get real-time notifications from your client marketing campaigns through Slack. Then you can react quickly to both positive and negative alerts. In other words, you can keep a constant eye on the online performance of your fundraising campaign to make sure it succeeds.

Encourage Participation in Your Fundraising Campaign

People want to get involved. And when people participate closely with marketing campaigns, they’ll be more likely to invest their money in them. Plus, they will be more likely to share their experience with their friends and family. This will build up your audience with hardly any effort on your part.

For example, the Movember Foundation based its entire fundraising campaign premise on donor participation. They asked for men to raise money for men’s health by refusing to shave for November, growing a mustache instead. By encouraging their main audience to participate in a relatively easy activity, they managed to gain lots of donors and increase their popularity over the year. Now, the month of November is firmly associated with the fundraiser. Your donor management software should support your fundraising campaigns in multiple ways. It should allow you to track a constituent’s participation in campaigns and events. One handy feature available is generating an average gift amount which is used to determine a calculated “next suggested gift” amount.”

Tap into Popular Activities

Attaching yourself to a popular activity is a great way to gain attention. For one thing, it makes your campaign stand out because it feels fun and fresh. And it makes people feel eager to donate their time, money, and clicks.

For example, video games are an exciting avenue for raising funds. The Children’s Miracle Network has raised millions with their video game fundraiser Extra Life. Professional gamers have hosted marathon video game livestreams to the delight of millions of viewers. Best of all, they have raised substantial funds for charity.


Finding success for your fundraising campaign doesn’t have to feel like a game of chance. If you follow the right tips, such as using social media, tracking online metrics, tapping into popular activities, and encouraging participation, you’re going to have a fundraising campaign that reaches its funding goals and makes a difference.