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Xero and Osome Are Now Gold Business Partners

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Xero, one of the largest accounting software platforms in the world, recently added Osome to its list of the best service providers in Singapore.

An Introduction to Osome

Osome provides accounting services in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Their partnership with Xero is an important achievement for the company. This is because of the possibilities now available for improving the quality of service. In fact, both parties are striving to reach new levels of delivering impeccable accounting software.

As few as 30 companies have the status of being Xero’s Gold Partner. Osome’s leaders are pleased that the company has finally joined their ranks. This accomplishment means that the accounting software giant acknowledges Osome’s experience with bookkeeping, taxation, and other aspects of business administration.

The Companies’ Leaders

The companies’ leaders, Kevin Fitzgerald of Xero and Dr. Konstantin Lange of Osome, both look forward to a long and successful collaboration. Other companies around the world also have high expectations for a mutually beneficial partnership between the two companies.

Fitzgerald and Lange believe that together they will help to make accounting easier and less expensive for small business owners all around the world.

Osomes Offerings

Osome offers high-quality online services for businesspersons who want to establish new companies in the United Kingdom and Asia. They offer effective accounting plans that make bookkeeping and accounting tasks easier.

For example, thanks to Osome, entrepreneurs can quickly send documents to certified accountants who then sort everything out and generate the appropriate accounting reports. For the client, the entire process takes only a few minutes.

Rapid Response Times

Osome provides reports in a timely manner in full compliance with all regulations. The company reaches out to customers in advance. Users regularly get updates on filing deadlines and reminders to send in necessary documents. Additionally, Osome’s accountants respond within 15 minutes regardless of the time of day. In fact, any client can reach them even on weekends and late at night.

In addition to its accounting services, Osome offers the following:

  • Company formation
  • Tax services
  • Business administration
  • Corporate secretarial services


Any entrepreneur can start using Osome’s cloud platform from a desktop or even with a smartphone app. The platform offers a wide array of packages for companies of any size. In short, not even the smallest business will need to pay extra.

Xero and Osome: A Noteworthy Partnership

Xero, for its part, is a prominent online provider of business accounting services. With a team of more than 2,500 people, they deliver a cloud platform that offers accounting, financial, and administrative services. Further, they offer consultations for subscribers. In fact, Xero has more than 2 million subscribers globally. This makes them the most suitable partner for Osome.