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Holiday Blues? Here Are Some Ways to Cope

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Are you stressing over a case of the holiday blues? You’re not alone.

Many people suffer from anxiety and even sadness around the holidays. It’s not unusual during this time of year, when stress levels and expectations are high and nostalgia is ever-present. To make matters worse, daylight hours are all too short. Under these conditions, the demands many of us place on ourselves during the holidays can take their toll.

Moreover, if you have a business to run, as well as meals to cook, house guests to take care of, shopping to do, and a house and tree to trim, overload and exhaustion can easily set in.

Ways to Cope with the Holiday Blues

You don’t have to settle for feeling blue around the holidays. In this post, we offer a few suggestions that can allow you to feel more relaxed—and possibly even more festive—instead.

Take a Quick Break from the Holiday Madness

Put your online store or your freelancing gig on autopilot for a brief while, and, weather permitting, step outside for a walk. Even if you have to wear snow boots or avoid mud puddles while you’re out, you will be surprised at how much better you’ll feel when you get back to your office.

If you absolutely cannot get out, a few indoor stretching exercises can get those endorphins flowing and your heart pumping again. Your business will be all the better for it, as you’ll be much more energized and creative afterward.

Let Yourself Have Some Holiday Fun

Have you ever tried your hand at online gaming? Many have.

In fact, an impressive 11% of all Internet traffic comes from players at online casinos. Since 2014, the online gambling sector in the UK alone, including online bingo sites, has grown by 300%.

A quick game, just for fun, could lighten your mood and help you enjoy the holidays again. Moreover, if you take a deeper look, you might see some greater possibility as well.

For example, if you look at the worldwide gambling industry overall, it’s clear to see that online gaming has experienced enormous growth. As 2017 came to an end, the total spent on gaming hit an impressive $107 billion—a record-breaking figure. In fact, it was more than people spent on music and film combined over the course of the same year.

It’s no wonder the online gaming sector is on the rise. Whether you love football, politics, reality TV shows, or eSports, you’ll find an outcome that you can wager on online. This is something which simply isn’t possible in real-world betting outlets.

It also stands to reason that this pattern of growth is set to continue in the near future. As technology advances still further, it’s likely that even more people will be drawn to the world of online gaming, and the industry will grow even more as a result.


Spend Time with Loved Ones

Take time to love on a kitten or a puppy, even one that is not your own. Schedule a date for coffee with a treasured friend in the midst of the holiday frenzy. Cook a special meal for a special someone on an evening you both have free. Simple occasions such as these can help to make your holidays brighter and merrier.

Do Something Nice for Someone

There are so many opportunities to offer help and support to others at the holidays. For instance, an obvious idea is to give what you can to those charities that inspire you.

However, if your wallet is a little thin during December, schedule a monthly monetary gift to begin in January of the coming year. After all, most of those charities need support throughout the year as well, and not just during the holidays.

Of course you already know that kindness needn’t be limited to money alone, right? Lend an ear to a troubled friend, or help a stranger lift a heavy bag of groceries into her car. Small unselfish acts such as these will not only help the other person but will also lift your spirits as well.

Say No When You Need To

For many people, spending time with extended family is something others expect them to do around the holidays. This is all well and good if those family members are people you enjoy being around. But what if they’re not?

It’s okay to limit your time with people who leave you feeling drained and exhausted, even if you’re related to them. For example, instead of agreeing to spend an entire weekend with a houseful of keyed-up relatives, show up with a hostess gift and a covered dish to share, and stay only long enough for a meal and an amiable visit with the folks you do care about.

Then, if the afternoon or evening should take an unpleasant turn, simply don your coat and scarf and wave a cheery goodbye.

own the holidays
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Luxuriate in Some Quiet Time

Whenever you think about it, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Now, take another, then another. With each breath, sink a little deeper into yourself and disengage from whatever is going on around you. You can do this even in a crowd. No one need know but you. It can be your little secret.

Then return to the reality around you refreshed and renewed. This little exercise can take less than a minute, but it can save you hours of frustration and uneasiness. Repeat as often as necessary.

Practice Moderation in All Things

The holidays can be a time when many people feel the urge to overindulge in food or drink. However, doing so will only increase your holiday stress.

Own the Holidays—Don’t Let Them Own You

You want to keep your life and your business running as smoothly as possible through the holidays so you can hit the ground running with the new year. So take heed of these simple practices and enjoy more holiday cheer—and less holiday stress.

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