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Why Should You Consider Pursuing a PhD?

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Especially if you have already started your own business, you might question the value of obtaining a PhD. In the article below, we explore some of the reasons why you should.

Why Should You Consider Pursuing a PhD?

People’s opinions about the importance of completing a doctorate are sharply divided. Some believe a PhD in any field is a significant achievement. However, others disagree. In fact, whether a PhD is useful or not varies, depending on a number of factors.

At their core, though, most educational programs share certain advantages. We take a look at some of those advantages here.


You Will Gain Expertise with a PhD

Earning a PhD won’t automatically make you number-one in your field. However, subsequent years of research, accompanied by papers published in peer-reviewed journals, could bestow such accolades upon you.

However, no one will ever doubt your expertise in your field. That’s because there isn’t a higher educational course than a doctorate, and you will have completed it.

You Will Learn More About Ideas That Interest You

Curiosity and and a desire to learn more about a particular topic are among the main reasons people give for pursuing a PhD. So if you already have an idea for something you would like to research, why not pursue your PhD?

A PhD Will Bring You Respect

The average IQ of PhD students is about 125. This is higher than that of roughly 95% of the general population. Moreover, if you earn a PhD from a properly accredited and recognized university, you will have had to work hard and use your intellect to earn it.

Therefore, it will be an authentic stamp of superior intellect on your resume. And whether you are the type to brag or not, you will have earned those bragging rights if you’d ever like to use them!

You Will Earn Higher Pay and Have Better Opportunities

Pursuing an advanced degree just because you want to have vast riches is probably a bad idea. However, a PhD in almost any academic area will probably bring you higher pay than you might have otherwise received. Of course, this assumes that the job you end up with is directly related to your chosen field.

For example, completing one of the online DNP programs from an authentic, CCNE-accredited nursing university will significantly boost a nurse’s pay. More importantly, though, a doctorate degree will unlock the highest job tiers in the healthcare industry for nursing professionals.

In fact, online DNP programs for nurse practitioners or midwives qualify nurses in many states to open their own clinics. Additionally, many can do so without physician supervision.

Alternatively, pursuing a PhD in Executive Nurse Leadership gives professionals opportunities to hold the highest offices in the nursing sector. Such a degree empowers those individuals to lead with changes and improvements across the US and even abroad.

Basically, holding a doctorate will mean that leadership opportunities will be more likely to open up to you. If finances are tight, choosing from a wide selection of affordable PhD programs online may be an ideal solution to earn your degree.

With a PhD You Could Become a Key Opinion Leader in Your Field

As soon as you complete your doctorate, others will begin to look to you as an expert in your field. Additionally, over time and with more research and publications, you might even become a key opinion leader in that field.

What’s more, your advanced degree could help you to truly make a difference with your life. Many people with PhDs say their desire to bring about improvements in society led them to seek their advanced degrees.

A PhD Will Give Closure to Your Studies

If you are in a position to apply for a PhD program, you are already more qualified than most of the population. So why not complete your education by pursuing your PhD?