increase productivity with technology

Increase Productivity with Technology Tools

Businesses are always on the lookout for new technology to encourage their workforce. Thanks to the variety of apps and tools available, employees are able to be more productive, efficient and innovative. In this article, Leading Sage Business Partners, Smith Cooper IT, shares 6 ways for increasing business productivity with the help of modern technologies. 

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Allow Flexibility to Increase Productivity

Allowing your staff a bit of flexibility can really boost productivity. A flexible working environment allows staff to do the job no matter the circumstances. For instance, consider when one of your employees needs to tend to a sick child at home. Utilizing telecommuting makes it possible to utilize some workday hours that would have been lost. After all, with the introduction of modern technologies and WiFi hotspots, working from home has never been easier. Online software, email, and online chats allow staff to pick up where they left off, wherever they are. 

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Communicate with Online Software

No matter where in the world your workforce is based, communication is key. Remote working only flourishes when both sides can be reached easily and efficiently. Thanks to new technologies such as Slack or Google Hangouts, communication is easy to facilitate.

Reduce Paper Waste and Get Online

Using online software to deal with your business administrative tasks can save you time and money. For example, business management software Sage 200 helps you increase productivity by reducing your paper waste and allows clients and teammates instant access to accounts and resources. Additionally, software such as Mobile Dashboards and cloud storage limits your need to print documents.  Supervisors and team leaders are able to view team members’ work, set clear deadlines, and help keep track of progress.

Chatbots Are There to Help

If you’re a B2C company, chatbots or live chat software can help you retain leads and engage customers. Modern-day chatbots don’t just answer the FAQs. They also have the ability to find and order products, make reservations, offer tech support, and more. These services are conveniently available within a messenger app on your website.

Technology to Stop Procrastination 

One of the downsides of the modern online world is that everything is now at your fingertips. Consequently, it is easy to get distracted by things like social media or online shopping. Innovators have created tech to stop us from procrastinating and help us focus on tasks at hand. With the introduction of website blockers and Pomodoro timers, wandering off to tempting websites easier to avoid during work hours.

Specialize Your Marketing Strategy

With new technology comes new marketing software which will help build productivity and output across all marketing channels. Software such as Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social help you plan and schedule your social media strategy. Moreover, SEO tools such as Ahrefs and PPC Tools such as Adzooma can all help you save valuable hours, too.


There you have it. Six simple ways of using modern technology to increase your business’s productivity. Find out how Smith Cooper can help increase your business’ efficiency with the help of Sage 200 software.