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Remote Careers for Programmers

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Many people today are looking for jobs or starting businesses that will give them flexible schedules and freedom to travel. For example, programmers have a wide range of choices for remote careers. This is work they can do from any part of the world as long as they have an Internet connection.

In this post, we offer information on seven types of remote careers for developers and programmers.


1. Remote Careers for App Developers

This remote career requires creating web or mobile applications. These developers need to be able to take designers’ prototypes and turn them into fully functioning apps that work on specified devices.

They can also create apps on their own if they have the skills and talents to do so. The most successful of them keep in mind that applications need to be user-friendly in order to be successful.

2. Full Stack Developers

Full stack developers are experienced engineers who play roles in both front- and back-end development. The talented individuals who have this remote career can turn an engineer’s design into a fully functioning website.

Additionally, in the initial phases, they also advise the website’s designers. To get into this type of remote programming career, look into the CodeOp full-stack coding bootcamp. Full-stack developers are well-paid and highly valued.

3. Front-End Programmers

Front-end programmers can forge remote careers by writing code for the user-facing part of the website. They are responsible for retrieving the data that back-end engineers provide and making it accessible for users.

Buttons, icons, and even plain text are all coded by front-end developers. They also create graphics for applications and games. They are a vital part of the programming team, and are therefore paid well.

4. Back-End Engineers

Back-end engineers can develop a remote career of writing the server-side code that powers a website. Further, they integrate the site’s front-end code with its back-end code.

The back end of a site is where data—such as content and user accounts, among other things—is stored. Therefore, back-end engineers need to know all the languages associated with their side. They also must know the languages used by the front-end programmers. They can earn a salary that is higher on average than that of most other developers.

5. Remote Careers for Ruby Developers

Ruby developers are back-end developers who work only in the Ruby programming language. They are responsible for developing a stable system that can work over extended periods.

Ruby is a popular programming language because it is easy to learn. This is because it is similar to English. While this programming language is recommended for beginners, these developers are among the highest-paid of all developers.

6. Online Bloggers

If a computer engineer has writing skills or a good knowledge of any spoken language, they can base their remote careers on blogging. What’s more, if their blog becomes popular, they can earn passive income by writing about various topics in the programming niche.

These developers can write for any site or post reviews for various tech products. Alternatively, they can start their own website where they can teach and offer advice about all things technology-related.

7. Technical Marketers

The job of a technical marketer falls somewhere between web developing and digital marketing. They are not a part of creating an app or website directly. Instead, they are more focused on the marketing side of things.

Technical marketers can shape their remote careers around marketing companies’ products or services using advanced technological methods. The career of a technical marketer would probably appeal to people who have basic technical knowledge to begin with.

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