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Is Pay-per-Click Advertising Good for Business?

SEO dominates the world of organic online marketing. However, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising still has a place in business marketing, even in 2020. PPC allows online searchers to find products and services through targeted ads and links. This type of marketing may once have been seen as less effective than SEO. However, it’s more sophisticated—and probably more effective—than ever before.

It’s important to say that pay-per-click advertising might not work for all businesses or entrepreneurs. The same goes for many other types of marketing. But PPC marketing appeals to a certain kind of searcher and to pitch a certain type of product. If you’re considering trying PPC for your business, you may wonder whether or not it’s going to be worth your time and money.


Let’s consider which types of businesses can most benefit from PPC.

Small Businesses

PPC advertising is fantastic for helping start-ups and small businesses to get off the ground. Pay-per-click helps immensely to push products to relevant groups. It can also help with brand recognition. PPC delivers exceptional results to local customers, too. So PPC is the best tool for tackling a specific niche without extra time and effort.

PPC is a great playground for marketing strategies. Partnering with a company offering PPC consultation, known as white label PPC, allows you to set up a flexible plan of action. This means you can adjust and enhance your advertising and approach depending on how well your campaigns perform. PPC experts can adjust your campaigns mid-flow if needed. Unlike print advertising, online marketing is easy to fine tune, and problems are inexpensive to remedy. 

Pay-per-Click in Your Niche

PPC advertising targets specific phrases and keywords online. Therefore, it meets specific needs. For example, if you provide a personal service that’s otherwise unheard of in your area, targeted PPC enables you to approach people who are looking for the specific services you supply.

Without PPC, you risk falling behind more generic stores and services. This is especially true if you leave everything to SEO (search engine optimization). PPC lets you target specific needs and niche concerns so you can turn a lead into a customer quickly.

For example, if you are selling products on Amazon you can use Amazon PPC management to ensure your products are getting the views they need that would convert to sales.  You must plan everything from the budget, keywords, and managing/tracking reports.

Single Lead Success

PPC is an especially good option for businesses that can benefit greatly from a single sale. While PPC doesn’t function well for broad category selling, it can really increase your marketing success in niche markets. PPC is ideal for specialist services and for generating leads to inspire customer loyalty.

For example, luxury items, vacations, or even legal services demand high monetary investment from consumers. Therefore, their successful sale instantly outweighs the costs of a basic PPC campaign. On the other hand, if you can expect only a small margin of profit between PPC expenditure and consumer revenue, then it’s probably worth looking at other advertising options.

If you offer a service or a product which people are likely to invest in long-term, a single PPC ad is probably going to pay off. Therefore, consider this form of advertising worthwhile if you have long-term, high-margin revenue to pull.

PPC for Every Business

The fact is it might be a little shortsighted to suggest PPC will only work for specific types of businesses and services. PPC works wonders for a variety of niches and specialties. While generic and larger brands can benefit through SEO alone, PPC offers a lot of support to smaller or growing firms.

pay-per-click ppc advertising
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Perhaps you run a small workshop and might be looking for clients who need help with woodwork. Maybe you operate a car repair clinic and want to target people who have cars with faulty carburetors. Or perhaps you sell delicious pastries and desserts in your local area. Whatever the case might be, PPC can work well for your business.

Don’t be afraid to try PPC. It still has a place in modern digital marketing.