In this post we share a list of clothing essentials every professional man should have in his wardrobe. With just a few pieces you can achieve a look that impresses in meetings with your clients.


Choose a Professional-Looking Dress Shirt

Every professional man should have a few button-down dress shirts. Whether you are pairing your dress shirt with a blazer and pants or wearing it with a suit, your shirt needs to be properly buttoned-up, ironed, and tucked into your pants.

These guidelines are especially true if your client works in a professional environment such as a bank or an insurance company.

Moreover, men should always keep prints to a minimum. Instead, choose subtle colors such as light pink, aqua, or sky blue. Alternatively, natural tones such as gray, white or cream, ash, and tan, and the like are always good choices.

Whatever color you choose for your shirt, you want something that fits well on your body. What’s more, your shirt needs to be in keeping with your personality as well as with the nature of your business. Regardless of what you might think, men can find high-quality fabric dress shirts at affordable rates, even online.

A Man Needs the Right Tie

Depending on your client and the nature of your own enterprise, you might not need a tie. However, there is no doubt that a man needs a tie whenever the meeting is a professional one. A tie makes a man look sharp, whatever the occasion.

Always have at least one a high-end tie that is made of a high-quality fabric such as silk. For more everyday wear, rayon or other synthetics work well, too. Whatever the fabric, choose subtle and subdued patterns.

If you’re smart about it, you’ll select the colors of each tie so that a single tie can go with various suits, jackets, and dress shirts.

Above all, avoid ties with character prints unless you’re dressing up for Halloween.

Wear Smart-Looking Trousers

If your meeting is a casual one, you may or may not need to wear a man’s dress suit.

However, be sure to choose pants that are smart-looking as well as comfortable. Chinos can work well in such a situation. Look for darker shades of beige, brown, blue, and gray. These will pair well with your light-colored dress shirts.

If your clients work in less formal environments such as software houses, other creative industries, or startups, then men’s jeans can also be suitable, especially when worn with casual blazers. However, make sure your jeans are high-end and constructed of dark denim.

Moreover, they must be cut straight and perfectly ironed. No torn, ragged, or skin-tight jeans are appropriate for professional settings.

Get Your Shoe Game On

Believe it or not, people will judge you by your footwear. So here is where menswear gets really interesting.

When it comes to shoes, men have a wide range of choices: oxfords, derbies, brogues, loafers, and more can work well with a professional-looking outfit.

In keeping with a professional look, limit your choices for shoes, however, to black and brown leather. Suede shoes can work in some settings, but play your shoe game safely and match your shoes with the rest of your outfit.

And don’t forget to wear matching socks in black, dark grey, or navy blue colors to complete that professional look.

Accessorize Like a Man

Accessories are as important for men as they are for women. For example, removable cuff links add a nice touch. You’ll also need a leather belt that matches your shoes, as well as a smart-looking wristwatch.

Your appearance can make a difference in the outcome of your meeting, so pay attention to every visible detail of your look and choose your accessories accordingly.