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Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out? Then hire a good professional photographer to do a photo shoot for your business. Moreover, make that investment pay off by taking care of the finer details ahead of time. In this post, we share some tips about how to do that.

Does Your Business Need a Photo Shoot?

Whether for your social media posts, printed brochures, your company’s LinkedIn profile, or your own website content, professional photos are a must-have. Moreover, they are one of the easiest ways for your business to make a good impression.

The image you’re trying to convey will vary depending on the type of business you own. For example, a restaurant will have a very different style from that of a law firm.

There’s no one-size-fits-all policy with when it comes to professional photo shoots. However, there are a few things to keep in mind for every business wanting to create a great first impression via the use of images.

What Should You Expect?

Most professional photographs are either headshots or photographs taken from the waist up. They can be taken in a studio, at your choice of locations, including at your workplace.

How you choose to do your photo shoot will come down to what you feel is most natural and relevant for your business. Returning to the restaurant example, a photo of a chef wearing an apron and photographed inside your kitchen will be more appropriate than having them wear a suit and tie against a white background.

How Should You Prepare for a Professional Photo Shoot?

Think About What You Want to Convey About Your Business

Consider what kind of vibe you’d like your business to give off. Is your business serious or silly? Traditional or relaxed? The tone you choose will come across not only in your outfit and the location, but also in your posture and facial expressions.

Trust your photographer to do a photo shoot that brings out the best in you, but don’t be afraid to say what you want. Some people prefer being photographed from a certain angle that they believe to be more flattering. Many also don’t like to show their teeth when they smile.

Feel free to practice in front of a mirror before the actual shoot. Remember that even some photo shots of food take a long time to get ready for photos.


Prepare Your Clothing, Hair, and Makeup

If you have the budget for it, hiring a stylist for your professional photo shoot can really help make the images pop. What’s more, it’s not just women who wear makeup during shoots. Even professional male models and actors benefit from the help of a makeup artist. The right makeup artist will make skin look clear and bring out certain features.

Clothing for your photo shoot will depend on your profession. However, a classic office outfit, such as a skirt and blouse for women or a navy blue suit for men, is usually the go-to for corporate shoots.

It’s often advised not to go crazy with colors, patterns, or jewelry. These things can be distracting in the final image. Professional hairstyles for both women and men are easy enough to find. However, don’t worry too much about shoes, as these are rarely seen in the photo anyway.

Hire the Right Photographer

At the end of the day, you’ll want a photographer who puts you at ease. You’ll also want someone who is professional and punctual, and, of course, who takes great photos. It’s not always about their fee or their level of experience. In fact, you can find many great photographers fresh out of training or even still in college who are eager for a corporate photo shoot.

Just because a photographer has 15 or more years of experience doesn’t mean they’ll fit your ideas or your budget. A fresh graduate might bring plenty of fresh concepts and an infectious level of enthusiasm that makes you feel relaxed. You can easily search for photographers online. Then look through their portfolios to find someone who matches your plans for a shoot.

Use The Photos In A Photo Book

Putting together a photo book or a portfolio can be hard. If you’ve got top-quality photos from a recent shoot, put them to use. You can make up a photo book of your recent work and client successes which can be used to showcase what you can do for new clients. High-quality photo books reflect you and your business in an extremely positive light. Everything is online these days, to have something physical in front of you can often make a big difference. You can get photo books in bulk too if you wanted to send out samples to multiple clients or potential clients. 

Showcasing what your business does best is paramount in capturing future clients, whether you’re sending photo books out via post or using them when meeting clients to drive home what your company does best.

A Professional Photo Shoot Can Put Your Business Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

In this age of selfies and a flood of digital images, having a professional do the job can make all the difference. So show your business in the best possible light by choosing the right professional to do your company’s photo shoot.