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Social media affects almost every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional. And that includes the recruitment process.

Why Is Social Media so Important?

The average person spends 153 minutes each day on social media. Breaking it down, around 900 million people use Facebook on a daily basis. And Twitter has more than 280 million people tweeting, retweeting, and messaging per month. Meanwhile, Instagram serves more than 300 million users each month. Not too surprisingly, nearly 79 percent of job seekers rely on social media for their job searches.

With that many potential candidates literally at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you turn to social media for your company’s recruitment needs?


More than 80 percent of organizations now use social media for recruitment purposes. However, trends in recruitment have changed considerably over the years. In 2011, for example, this figure hovered around only 55 to 60 percent. That is a big change in such a short time.

Why Is Social Media Helpful in Recruitment?

Most people who are considered to be high-end talent are also “passive” candidates. These are people who might not be interested in sending a recruiter their resume out of the blue. However, they may be willing to learn about potential opportunities that might be available to them. Social media can be an excellent option to tap into this pool of talent.

Smart recruiters turn to social media for hiring because it allows them to easily reach passive candidates or candidates with specific skill sets. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are the best social media platforms for these types of recruitment.

How Can You Build a Powerful Social Media Recruitment Platform?

There are multiple strategies that can help you with implementing social media in your hiring process. For example, a good hiring tool such as Greenhouse recruitment software will automate your recruiting and hiring processes.


Additionally, encourage your existing employees to submit posts to your company page about their experiences of working in your company. Naturally, you will need to review these posts before allowing them to go public. However, positive posts about your company’s work culture will be helpful in your recruitment process.

Your Social Media Presence Helps to Create Better Bonds

You inevitably create stronger bonds with candidates, employees, and customers when you use social media in your recruitment process. Your company’s social media presence will also help to build a powerful brand image that showcases the company’s culture and your vision of the organization.

However, be careful not to overdo it. Always remember that social media is, well, social. People expect to be entertained on social media. If your posts are all about promoting your company, and they don’t provide content your followers find useful or entertaining, those followers will drift away.

So keep your posts light, entertaining, and humorous, only occasionally throwing in a purely serious promotional post. When it comes to mixing business with social media, less is definitely more.

How Is Social Media Changing the Recruitment Process?

In the last decade, HR specialists have used social media extensively for recruitment purposes, and this trend shows no signs of reversing. Perhaps this is chiefly because social media gives businesses improved employer branding and greater exposure to a better talent pool.