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It’s 2020 and there are some exciting updates from the world of eyewear. Here are some of the more interesting innovations.

The Blincam

If you’re a freelance photographer or a photography hobbyist you have probably heard of this eyewear, one of the latest ideas from Japan. You might even have Blincam eyewear among your collection of cameras and other photography equipment.

The Blincam is a wearable camera, a device you can attach to your regular glasses. When the Blincam sensor detects you winking, it takes a photo. Don’t worry, though. Normal winks won’t trigger the mechanism. You’ll need to give it slightly harder winks instead.

With this amazing eyewear, you can take great hands-free pictures. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

You can purchase this eyewear wherever you purchase your regular glasses online. What’s more, you’ll find the price quite reasonable.


Visionup Glasses

Visionup glasses are used for dynamic vision training. They have even been incorporated into sports training for children.

They look like regular sunglasses. However, the lenses blink rapidly between black and clear. When you’re wearing them, it looks to you as if you’re blinking rapidly. You’ll see moving objects only when the glasses are clear, not black.

This eyewear makes it more difficult for the wearer to see a moving object, such as a tennis ball or a football. Surprisingly, however, this improves dynamic visual acuity, a person’s ability to follow a moving object with their eyes.

Regular users say that this eyewear makes moving objects appear to move more slowly. One user said, “Not only has my dynamic vision improved, but I can also predict the movement of a ball.”

Eyewear That Blocks out Distractions

Eyewear designer Tal Erez came up with a new concept for eyewear he calls Block.

As he describes these glasses, he says, “The objects around us are increasingly undergoing digitization. It seems that wherever we turn our eyes, screens give us their wicked smiles.”

He goes on. “Block glasses enable us to see less. By turning the lenses we can switch off the screens around us and hope, at least for a moment, to see the real world.”

Block glasses are open-code eyewear. Therefore, they can be adapted and adjusted for manufacture on a home 3D printer with lenses purchased from an optician.

Smart Autofocusing Eyeglasses

Researchers at the University of Utah have developed an eyewear innovation that will focus your vision for you. This eyewear uses liquid lenses that adjust their focus independently.

Carlos Mastrangelo is the electrical and computer engineering professor who led the project. He says, “The major advantage of these smart eyeglasses is that once a person puts them on, the objects in front of the person always show clear, no matter at what distance the object is.”

On the other hand, regular prescription glasses don’t fix your eyes’ accommodation problems, the researchers claim. They simply shift the range of what’s in focus rather than expanding it.

But the new eyewear they have invented uses lenses made of glycerine enclosed in flexible membranes. The membranes can be mechanically moved back or forth, changing the curvature of the glycerine lens.

Don’t kiss your reading glasses and bifocals goodbye just yet, though, because this project is still in clinical trials.

What Does This Eyewear Mean for You?

If you sell eyewear online or you are an optician in a brick-and-mortar retail outlet, you are probably already aware of these futuristic products.

But perhaps you’re an inventor with an idea of starting your own business. If that describes you, we hope this article has given you some courage to move forward with your dreams.