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Start a Business That’s Future-Proof

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In an ever-changing world, some businesses and industries are future-proof. Some are based on future needs. Others are based on realities so constant they can be relied upon never to change.

Choose a Future-Proof Business in the Face of Rapid Change

It is fair to say that the world is changing faster now than it ever has.

Among other factors, the Internet continues to accelerate these changes. Moreover, consumers’ demands for more, better, and different products and services is continually evolving. This rapid rate of change coupled with global accessibility means businesses can quickly become obsolete.

A classic example is the MiniDisc. This product had a great format and an amazing advertising campaign. However, MP3’s arrived on the scene and killed it within a matter of months.


For another example, let’s say you run a chain of steak restaurants serving South American beef. However, you watch aghast at the rise of veganism. It’s happening so fast you project that in ten years your business could well be finished.

Food retail, too, is running as fast as it can to meet the demands of plant-based diets that people are adopting now. And what about oil companies? If one thing is going to be out of fashion pretty quickly it’s the burning of fossil fuels!

However, there are businesses and industries that are future-proof. For the most part, these are based on future needs or on factors so constant they can be relied upon never to change.

If you run a business that you can see is headed for rapid demise, you might be casting about for another path to take. Here are some suggestions:

A Pest Control Business Is Future-Proof

Yes, pest control is future-proof. It may not be an industry you would care to go into. But consider this: Rats, mice, fleas, bedbugs and the like have been sharing the planet with human beings for thousands of years. Moreover, they are certainly not going anywhere.

It might surprise you to know that this low-tech industry has been growing for a long time, and it is still growing. Cities all over the world are experiencing burgeoning rat populations.

Climate change plays a part, as does urban expansion, which forces wildlife from their natural habitats. Additionally, as flooding becomes more commonplace, rats especially head into buildings to make their homes. Warmer winters mean breeding continues throughout the year. Just a few years earlier, colder winters would once have slowed this process.

Meanwhile, raccoons, pigeons, and more are also causing multiple problems. London, for example, is full of pest control companies such as Empire Pest Control. These companies thrive as pest problems for human beings continue to worsen.

As Flood Waters Rise, so Do Companies That Deal with Flood Risk

Flooding is on the increase in many countries today, thanks again to climate change. As devastating as flooding can be for those who are affected by it, flooding presents fresh opportunities for building companies, city councils, and government agencies at all levels. These entities are just now beginning to grapple with ensuring that new homes and other buildings are not at risk of flooding.

Therefore, they turn to experts for information. Flood risk companies produce reports predicting flood patterns, assess how new developments will drain, suggest flood mitigation systems, and more.

However, it’s not only technical flood consultancy businesses that are future-proofed in these scenarios. Companies that construct flood doors, flood-proof windows, and other kinds of flood protection will also be in a good place as climate change kicks in. Additionally, civil engineering companies that specialize in flood defenses are also future-proof.

While hardly anyone is cheering on climate change, it appears to be happening anyway. So why not make the most of the challenge it presents by choosing a future-proof business? In addition, you might even be able to help turn the tide, so to speak.

Online Learning Faces a Bright Future

The Internet has given us many things, running the gamut from good to bad and everything in between.

For example, one positive aspect of the worldwide web is online learning. The concept of being able to learn at your own pace, in your own time, and at any time of the day or night is appealing for a lot of people.

In fact, online learning is a liberating force for many people. Now, for example, anyone anywhere with access to a computer can look to improve his or her career options. What’s more, they can improve their skills in the evenings while still holding down a job to support their families.

The demand for online learning is massive. People can learn everything from guitar lessons to cooking, from languages to coding. In fact, online learning may well become the main source of learning in the future.

For example, learning English online is empowering millions of non-native English speakers. By learning to speak, read, and write English, they can begin working for large global companies. This factor also helps them to integrate into countries like the UK and the US. For this reason, companies such as Perfectly Spoken and Future Learn are only going one way, and that way is up.


Are you looking to create and run a business that’s future-proof? If you are, then look through the lens of future trends and choose a forward-looking business in a progressive industry.