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Dubai: Why Should You Start a Business There?

Featured image by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

Starting a business can be a daunting task, wherever you are in the world. However, there are certain cities that are more welcoming hosts to aspiring business people. One such city is Dubai, the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai offers a plethora of resources, ideal consumers, and an atmosphere that’s conducive to entrepreneurship. In short, it is an optimal breeding ground for new businesses.

But what is it about Dubai specifically that makes it so suitable for new companies?

There Are No Taxes for Businesses

The absence of corporate taxation makes Dubai a more attractive proposition for businesses than other similar cities.

Healy Consultants Group provides a succinct description of Dubai’s tax advantages. For example, a business incorporated in the city does not have to pay corporate tax, withholding tax, import/export tax, capital gains tax, or VAT.

Less money on taxation means more money a business owner has for the running costs of the business or for the expansion of the company. The UAE as a whole is eager to encourage investments and to build relationships with other key foreign economies.

Therefore, if a business establishes itself in Dubai, then the city will provide opportunities for that business to thrive.


Dubai Is a Haven for Developers

The city of Dubai is in a continual state of development. The skyscrapers that dominate the city skyline are an embodiment of the can-do attitude in the city. Moreover, they are literal proof that companies aim high in Dubai. The city boasts several of the loftiest skyscrapers in the world, with the Burj Khalifa currently the highest of them all.

New developments bring new opportunities, particularly in the form of new real estate for businesses. Also, residential developments attract new people to the city. This creates a bigger client base for businesses and introduces more skilled individuals to the area.

The Bayut area guide to City Walk in Jumeirah details how this self-contained residential area can offer professionals everything they need, including easy transport links to business hubs.

If the city keeps developing, then companies can be confident that there will always be plenty of trading opportunities within Dubai. This spirit of development and modernity is what sets Dubai apart from many other cities.

You’ll Find Unique Business Assistance in Dubai

There’s no point having all of these shiny new buildings if paperwork and legislation make it harder for new businesses to get started. Gulf News has explored the novel way the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) handles new companies looking to gain a foothold in the city.

For example, the DED Café works as a satellite service center for the department, giving people a relaxed environment to process their paperwork and ask questions.

This is part of a wider attempt to make customer service in the city more accessible. Importantly, this is particularly useful for individuals setting up their first business venture in Dubai.

It can take time to become familiar with laws and procedures. However, the DED Café helps people to start off on the right track. Services in the DED Café include assistance with business registration and general trade licenses.


A business or individual moving to Dubai from a foreign country will naturally have more hoops to jump through. However, there are plenty of services available to make that process easier for new companies.

The advantage of having so many foreign businesses arrive in the UAE is that Dubai is truly multicultural. This provides a multitude of advantages to the city as a whole.

If you’re weighing up several different cities as the possible venue for a new business venture, then Dubai makes a compelling case to be your first choice.