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Market America Levels Playing Field with Shopping Annuity

Market America is a product brokerage and Internet marketing company based out of Greensboro, N.C.

Founded in 1992 by JR and Loren Ridinger, the company specializes in social shopping. They provide a proven system for entrepreneurs to create consistent, ongoing income while giving consumers a better way to buy amazing products.


Market America’s Shopping Annuity®

In a traditional annuity, an investor advances significant discretionary income into that annuity, which then funds it. With a conventional annuity, fixed payments get made to an investor over intervals during a specified length of time.

Moreover, according to statistics from financial experts at Market America, this plan excludes most people. This is because many individuals are not able to fund the cost in advance. 

However, in contrast to a traditional annuity, UnFranchise® Owners can build a Shopping Annuity® through a different kind of payment.

This payment is not legal tender. Instead, UnFranchise Owners make this payment through several steps. According to Market America, the first step is redirecting purchases they already make for their household to the company’s exclusive products. Also, they may change how they purchase other products by going through their SHOP.COM site.

Finally, they can invest time in developing their own UnFranchise Business. Market America encourages potential entrepreneurs to take their Mini Shopping Assessment to see who might qualify for this opportunity.

The Big Difference with Market America’s Shopping Annuity

The most significant difference between a traditional annuity and Market America’s Shopping Annuity is that the Shopping Annuity is open to anyone. Moreover, it only requires the money going toward purchases individuals were already going to make in the first place.

According to Market America, the Shopping Annuity levels the playing field. Indeed, it is not simply for the very rich to get more successful. Instead, it is accessible for all people regardless of income level, education, and experience.

In fact, by merely following the business plan, Market America says that ordinary people have the opportunity to experience remarkable economic opportunity. 

SHOP.COM Advantages 

By accessing SHOP.COM, UnFranchise® Owners and their customers have unlimited access to exclusive products. Additionally, they can access other brands throughout SHOP.COM’s thousands of different stores, coupon codes, promotions, exclusive savings, and comparison shopping. Market America says that this offers customers a better experience and a better way to shop. 

The Referral Tracking System 

Market America claims they can track and capture all purchases from their stores, brands, and merchants through all of their customers’ shopping with them.

For example, when an UnFranchise Owner or anyone they lead directly (or indirectly) purchases through SHOP.COM, they earn BV (business volume) and IBV (Internet business volume).

What’s more, it is natural human behavior to recommend goods and services based on a positive experience with those goods and services. UnFranchise Owners who make recommendations get rewarded with BV and IBV, which, after it meets specified criteria, may lead to commissions. UnFranchise Owners earn commissions through the Management Performance Compensation Plan (MPCP). 

According to Market America, the ability to track what people purchase is positive for several reasons. First, it allows for leverage in collective buying power to convert margins into an ongoing income. Also, it forces prices down for consumers. And it identifies products that people want. Finally, it awards increased BV and IBV, which in turn raises an UnFranchise Owner’s ability to earn residual income. 

A Constant Need 

With Market America locations all over the world, such as Market Malaysia, the company strives to provide an opportunity to anyone regardless of location.

No matter the economy, the need for goods and services is ever-present for consumers. Market America says they want to allow people to convert their everyday spending into earning with the Shopping Annuity.

Since most would agree that they would spend this money in the first place, Market America offers its Mini Shopping Assessment for curious consumers to see how they could start earning money through the Shopping Annuity.