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Does Scheduling Software Cut Costs? Let Us Count the Ways

The restaurant industry has never been easy. Restaurant ownership is only becoming more competitive each day. Food delivery apps, new restaurants, and the booming price of commercial real estate all affect restaurant success. Statistics show that over half of restaurants close within the first year. Those which make it are often just barely hanging on. Consequently, restaurant owners must schedule their own and their employees’ time for profitability. Scheduling software does exactly that.

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Restaurant scheduling software has transformed restaurants across North America. The right software streamlines and organizes the back-end of the restaurant to keep things functioning smoothly and save you money. So, let’s learn more about how it works.

Better Schedules Sooner

The best restaurant scheduling software doesn’t just create schedules in less time than it would otherwise take; it actually produces better schedules, too. All employees will have their specific needs accounted for. While the software relies on automation to speed up the process, it also factors in manual inputs submitted effortlessly by the staff.

Staff can relay to their manager when they’re free to work through the app’s drag-and-drop calendar. This allows staff to stay on top of their scheduling and easily organize their personal lives. This also ensures savings on labor costs.

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Indeed, scheduling software produces schedules up to 80% faster than it would take otherwise. This can reduce labor costs in a restaurant by 1% to 3%. This is an important savings. After all, labor is typically one of the biggest drains on a restaurant’s finances.

Get Shift Replacements Quickly

No matter how effective the shift scheduling software is, sometimes employees have emergencies preventing them from coming to work. In such cases, a replacement for a shift is needed urgently. Even then, the software has your back.

Managers can contact all employees or specific teams as needed through the app. Each staff member receives an email notification alerting them to the urgent message right away. Whoever is free to take the shift can let everyone know in a group chat. So the problem is resolved before it blows up into a crisis.

This software keeps restaurant staffing organized well in advance, but it also has the ability to problem-solve in the event of an emergency with modern, streamlined communication.

Scheduling Software Helps with Labor Compliance

Every jurisdiction has laws surrounding labor which need to be complied with, or the restaurant could face penalties and fees. It’s important to avoid incurring such costs, and not to waste much time steering clear.

New restaurant scheduling software gives prompts before the schedule is locked in place. This helps create awareness when an employee qualifies for overtime pay. As such, they will never be given too many hours accidentally.


Plus, your restaurant staff will feel energized and refreshed, since the software also ensures they get to enjoy the breaks they are legally entitled to. Some expenses in a restaurant are out of a manager’s control, like the cost of food or real estate. That’s why it’s essential to save money where possible, by implementing new technologies such as restaurant scheduling software.