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Why Psychometric Testing Isn’t as Bad as You Think

In its simplest terms, psychometric testing uncovers what makes people tick. As a result, employers increasingly use them to recruit the right kind of candidates for their business.

However, as its popularity as a recruitment tool grows, there has been some inevitable skepticism. So, to clear up any misconceptions, we’ve put together a list of the top reasons why psychometric testing is great for both those offering and taking these tests.


1. You’ll Learn About an Individual’s Skills and Competencies

Psychometric tests don’t just showcase skills, they also give you a much clearer idea of how a person thinks and what competencies they display. As an employer, this helps you build a clearer picture of how a candidate would fit into a team.

Moreover, if you’re sitting the test, you might well discover strengths and talents you never even knew you had!

2. Psychometric Tests Can’t be “Gamed”

There aren’t any right or wrong answers. Therefore, finding a way to cheat the system just isn’t possible. Instead, each question tests different parts of the brain, aims to find out more about what makes you tick, and probes how you’ll react in certain situations.

The candidates that do well for one role are unlikely to score so well in a test for a totally different role. It really is about finding out if a candidate is the right fit. So, answering as honestly as possible is the best way for a candidate to end up in a job that will make them happy.

3. They Save Both Money and Time

When you use psychometric testing to complement the interview process, you help ensure only the best possible candidates for the role are taken through the recruitment process. Reducing the number of people seen and screened is beneficial to both parties. This really does massively cut down on both time and money.

4. These Tests Teach You More Than You Think

Most tests you take have a singular objective. Psychometric testing, on the other hand, gives much richer detail by yielding valuable information and insights about a candidate. Insight such as who has leadership qualities and who is likely to be a team player can come out of the right psychometric questions. All of this can prove fruitful for employers. 

5. Psychometric Tests Reveal Potential

Most recruitment tests focus on what a candidate is. But psychometric tests are more about what a candidate could be. Looking at people’s potential is a broader way to view a potential new employee. And this will help strengthen a business long into the future. It also helps businesses to invest in employees’ growth, ensuring they fulfill the potential they’ve shown.

Will You Have to Take One of These Tests Soon?

If you are about to take a test, practicing psychometric tests is the best way possible to prepare yourself for the test and get the tips and tricks you need to succeed.

Psychometric Testing Is Important for Businesses and Individuals

We hope our comprehensive guide has shown just how important these tests are for both businesses and individuals.