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Best Platforms for Studying the English Language

Do you know what is common between a business owner in Britain and a federal customs officer in Europe? Both roles require you to have a good grasp on the English language.

With globalization and the increase in interconnectivity among people around the world, being fluent in the English language has become important, whatever career you pursue.

There are many ways to gain expertise in the English language. For example, you can pursue online courses, ask for help from an English-speaking friend, or sign up for English classes near you.

However, if you are a working professional, it might be easier for you to learn from online platforms. This is because these platforms can provide you with the flexibility of customizing your study schedule during your free time.

This blog post can be an informative read if you want to know about the best platforms for learning the English language. It lists some quality sites for learning English and details their features and benefits.


Best Platforms for Learning the English Language

Thanks to the Internet with its vast array of educational resources, you do not need to venture out of your home to learn English. To that end, here are the best platforms that can help you gain expertise in English.


DuoLingo is one of the best platforms available for learning the English language on the Internet. It has won a lot of recognition, including Google’s Best of the Best in 2014 and iPhone App of the year in 2013.

If you like interactive learning, learning English from this platform can be a great experience. Its game-like interface rewards you with points every time you complete an assignment in the specified time. It also tracks your progress and provides useful tips for improving your English.

Live Mocha

Live Mocha is one of the Internet’s oldest teaching platforms for the English language. It allows you to access to native English speakers, English teachers, language enthusiasts, and experts from more than 190 countries who can assist you in your learning process. You get to practice your skills with these people as well as develop your communication and networking skills.


LingQ.com is one of the premier English-language platforms. Additionally, it has a great—if simple—user interface. Owing to its interactive content, anyone can use it, including teachers and English instructors, who can use them in their classes.


Master the English Language with Practice

As with learning any other skill, your mastery over the English language is not limited to a great teaching platform. You also must keep reading, writing, and speaking in English as much as possible.

You should also note that the platforms we offer here can only develop English communication skills at a basic level. Therefore, you will need to pursue a formal degree in the subject if you want to learn further.

To master the English language, consider pursuing English courses in London, New York, or any other city where English is predominantly spoken.