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Finding Leads Online for Your Life Insurance Business

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One of the hardest parts of owning a life insurance business is finding leads. You could have all the knowledge and experience you need to offer clients the best advice on life insurance products for their lives. However, the challenge is finding those clients who need your services. How can you effectively get out in front of those prospects?

While there are a number of methods you can use offline, it’s time to go where your prospective clients are—on the Internet. Most people have smartphones these days. Moreover, they use them for everything from driving directions, to communication, to searching for products. This is why going online is the best place to find your new leads.


When going online to generate new leads, it’s important to realize that it’s necessary to generate leads on a consistent basis. This takes time, effort, and sometimes money.

1. Leads from Your Website

Many life insurance businesses have a website where they offer their services. However, it’s not just enough to have a website. Your website must play an active part in your marketing strategy. The goal is to convert site visitors into leads, and then then into clients.

To have high traffic as well as high conversion rates, your site must be updated to current web design standards. This may mean you’ll need to hire a web developer or designer. Of course, this can be expensive. However, rather than viewing the cost as an expense, consider this an investment in the future of your life insurance business.

Your site must provide site visitors with the information they need, and the information must be easy to find. Also, remember to include a call to action (CTA), contact information, forms, and special offers.

2. Content Marketing for Your Life Insurance Business

Next, you’ll need to develop content for your website and to share across social media platforms. Above all, avoid publishing information that seems old-fashioned. Instead, liven it up by creating content that answers your site visitors’ questions on the different aspects of life insurance. Then you can modify this content to use in a blog, an FAQ section, or elsewhere. Just be sure the content meets your visitors’ needs.

Once you have content created for your website, it can be reformatted for other platforms. For example, you can create short videos that include information about life insurance in general as well as your life insurance business specifically. These can then be uploaded to YouTube and other platforms.

You can also create whitepapers, PDFs, e-books, and more from the same content. You can also use this content on sites such as LinkedIn, where you will, of course, have a profile for your life insurance business.

The content you create can also be used on your site as a free download. However, if you choose this method, make sure to require the visitor to offer some basic information such as their first name and an email address where they can be reached.

3. SEO—Search Engine Optimization

When creating content, make sure to have it optimized for the search engines. SEO has a bad reputation as something that’s complex and to be dreaded. However, this is another useful tool for attracting potential clients.

This is because search engine optimization helps people find your site, as well as find your content across social media, and elsewhere on the Internet. It does require some research into finding the relevant keywords, and then applying on-page optimization. However, it’s well worth the effort.

When applying SEO, it’s important to keep your keywords consistent across your online platforms. These include your website, content marketing, social media, and so on.

If you’re uncomfortable with SEO, then it’s easy to hire a web developer or an SEO expert on sites such as Fiverr, for instance. Again, view the expense as an investment, and as a method for creating new leads for your life insurance business.

4. Lead Magnets for Your Life Insurance Business

You’ve probably head of lead magnets—but what are they? This is content that you can use to generate new leads for your life insurance business. Your whitepapers and other content can be used as a lead to build an email list, for example.

Content used for lead generation can be more than just white papers. They can also be checklists, webinars, detailed guides, case studies, and so on.

If a site visitor is interested in the information, then you require them to fill out a simple form to subscribe to your email newsletter. The form should only ask for their first name and their email address, but nothing more. People are hesitant to share too much personal information online these days.

5. Interactive Tools

Another way to get site visitors interested in life insurance is to offer interactive tools that get them thinking about their situation and their need for life insurance. These tools can include, for instance, quizzes, quote generators, and calculators.

These tools provide information while also getting visitors to think about their own need for life insurance. And, of course, when they do, you want them to think about your life insurance business.

6. List Your Life Insurance Business in Local Directories

Use local directories to get your agency noticed by potential clients. Directories include Yelp, Facebook Places, Yahoo, Bing Places, LinkedIn, the Whitepages, and Google My Business.

When using a local directory, you’ll again need to use SEO to optimize your listing. Just use the same main keywords you’ve chosen for your website and apply them here, too.

A Stream of New Online Leads for Your Life Insurance Business

These are a few of the methods you can use to generate new leads online for your life insurance business. Make consistent efforts, and you’ll soon see site visitors converting into new leads for your business.