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Why Your Business Needs an Office Security System

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Security is an essential need for all living organisms. However, there are some areas where security is more important than others. Some of these areas include homes, hospitals, and businesses. An office security system is vital for a number of reasons.

The Importance of Installing Cameras for Your Office Security System

An office security system helps to ensure that employees are safe in the office. It also helps to ensure the safety of client files, confidential documents, and other assets in the office. This is especially important for big corporations, businesses, and government offices.

Security guards and police officers are also critical, as they help to keep out criminals who may target your business. A security system in the workplace also helps to reassure employees and clients that they are safe while inside the work premises.

A comprehensive office security system also helps to inspire high standards of professionalism on the premises. Moreover, security cameras help to promote productivity in the workplace, and they also help to prevent theft by employees and outsiders.


Types of Office Security Systems

1. Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance gives business owners the ability to keep tabs on their businesses, even when they are not on the premises. They help to promote better management in terms of security as well as in the operations in the business.

CCTV installation helps to keep track of customers, staff, and other business associates in the work premises and directly outside the work premises. They also help to keep employees in check since they know that everything that they do at work is documented. This fact, therefore, helps to improve productivity in the workplace, while at the same time deterring inappropriate workplace behavior.

Additionally, CCTV cameras installed all over the business premises help to prevent criminals from getting into and out of the premises. Footage from CCTV installation also works as evidence in case of criminal behavior, legal issues, and insurance-related cases.

The difference between CCTV cameras and security cameras is that CCTVs are a series of security cameras while a security camera can be a single device installed in a single office. Security camera installation is as essential as CCTV installation.

2. Alarm Systems

There are two essential types of alarm systems that help enhance an office security system. They include:

  • Security alarms help to protect the work premises from criminal behaviors like theft and intrusion. Alarm security systems feature detectors and sensors for glass breaks, interior and exterior motion, and door and window motion. These features help to monitor and deter break-ins. Most businesses opt for round-the-clock externally monitored alarm systems as they are more effective.
  • Fire alarms come with features that detect smoke and alert people in the building about the issue, hence triggering an immediate reaction. Some business owners also install fire suppression systems that tackle the problem immediately. Fire alarm systems help to keep employees and all occupants in the building safe.

3. Access Control Systems

Access control systems are either physical or electronic programs that are designed to control the people who want access to the network. A door is an example of a physical access control system. This is because when it is locked, it limits the people who enter a room.

On the other hand, electronic access control systems include retinal scanners, biometrics, RFID, and swipe cards. Access control system installation is costly. However, you should note that the price of the installation varies significantly from one provider to another.

Big corporations have the most expensive types of access control system installation because of the nature of their businesses. These systems automatically deny access to unauthorized individuals. Therefore, they help to ensure the safety and security of both the staff and all assets within the premises.

4. Wireless Sensors

These are automatic sensors that are either hardwired or wireless, depending on the configuration of the office security system. They protect office occupants from harmful gases.

These systems work by detecting the presence of toxic gasses such as carbon monoxide. When they detect such a gas, they sound an alarm. This helps to protect the welfare of those who are on the premises.

Such a system is essential for a business that deals with harmful chemicals. It also helps to protect the business from issues and accidents that could cause legal or insurance problems.

Categories of Workplace Security Systems

There are two main categories of office security systems:

1. Monitored Office Security Systems

These are office security systems that are monitored at a central location that is independent of the office space. Alarm systems that trigger an alert at a call center are an excellent example of monitored systems.

The main advantage of these systems is that they trigger immediate action. However, intruders can find the lines to the system and disable them.

Also, CCTV cameras with surveillance centers within or without the premises are examples of monitored systems. They feature a team of guards who are continuously monitoring the activities going on inside and directly outside the premises. They take action when things seem to be going wrong.

2. Unmonitored Systems

These office security systems are the exact opposite of their counterpart. They rely on the attention of guards and neighbors of the office premises when things like alarms go off.

Take Away

Many companies around the globe provide different types of security systems under one roof. The firm you choose to work with also affects the level of security and effectiveness of the systems.

When selecting your system, make sure to consider the automation levels, installation process, and the monitoring systems. Also, make sure that you hire the best and most trustworthy person to monitor the systems. Every business owner needs to invest in an office security system.