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How to Be a Great Manager

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There’s a lot of pressure involved in being a manager.

Everyone comes to you for answers and you get the final say in important business decisions. And people expect you to always know the ins and outs of your business operation.

However, you are only human. Therefore, it’s only natural that you occasionally let things slide and struggle to stay organized.

But that doesn’t mean you can be idle. There is always room for improvement, and if you follow these tips, you’re sure to become not just an okay manager, but a great one!


A Great Manager Streamlines Operations

One way you can ensure you stay on top of your operations is to invest in new management software. Often in business, things can get lost in translation or go undetected, which makes way for human error.

However, with the right project management tools in place, you can effectively streamline your business and improve communication, project planning, and collaborations.

Don’t make your job as manager harder than it needs to be. By having the right software, you can save valuable time that you can spend on more urgent areas of the business.

A Good Manager Sets Achievable Goals

In order to be a better manager, you need to know what it is your company is striving for. Then, set yourself and your employees clear objectives that are both aligned with the company’s goals and achievable.

This will give all of you a better indication of where you want to be in, say, five months’ time. Once your employees understand what it is that you want from them, they will increase their productivity.

As the leader, you need to know what you want if you’re going to give your team direction. Then, be sure to track your progress so you can see if these targets are being met.

Reward Your Employees

A vital element of your business’s success—and your success as a manager—is your employees’ overall happiness. Obviously, employees can’t always be happy in the workplace. But they need to know that their manager appreciates them. Otherwise, they won’t feel motivated.

To keep them inspired and wanting to work for you, incentivize your employees with rewards. For instance, if an employee hits their targets, reward them with a bonus, or take the whole team out for drinks to celebrate.

If you want to give them something with a more personable touch, you can always write a handwritten thank you note. If it comes straight from the boss, they will appreciate it even more.

Encourage Feedback

As a manager, you obviously have authority over your team. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask them for feedback from time to time.

Requesting feedback shows you care about their opinions and will welcome change.

To get honest feedback, though, it is sometimes best to ask for anonymous feedback. Then your employees don’t feel judged by what they write.

Make sure your employees know they can share any issues with you and you will accept any comments as constructive.

Continue Improving to Become a Great Manager

Keep the above tips in mind when you start planning how to better your leadership skills and be the best manager you can be.