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Tech Employers: What Skills Should You Be Looking For?

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As a tech employer, what are the top skills you look for in candidates who show up at your door? Of course you look for an in-depth understanding of tools, programming languages, techniques, and other indications that the candidate is tech savvy. However, you should probably look for a strong human factor as well.

According to a report from Burning Glass, soft skills such as clear communication, leadership, creativity, and problem-solving are valuable for tech employers like you. So while you expect candidates to showcase their talents and work experience, you should also expect them to demonstrate personality traits that show they can work effectively as a part of a technical team.

In 2019, LinkedIn researched their data assets to figure out which skills, both soft and hard, are usually listed as requirements by tech employers for job postings. According to them, the soft skills most tech employers look for are creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, and time management.

When it comes to technical skills, the most sought-after skills are cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data science, people management, and UX (user experience) design.

Most Tech Employers Look for Hard Skills First

Hard skills are more straightforward because they are measurable. As a tech employer, you judge the credibility of a candidate’s resume by looking for hard skills first. Unless a candidate has a technical background, you are unlikely to hire them.

Let’s briefly take a look at some of the hard skills listed in the LinkedIn report.

  • Cloud computing refers to a cost-effective, reliable, and on-demand model, delivering various services over the Internet. For instance, people no longer have to purchase and maintain actual servers for data storing. They can use a cloud-based option and pay for only the amount of space they use.
  • Artificial intelligence is evolving. At its core, AI is a computer science. It aims at the creation of smart machines capable of replicating human behavior and intelligence.
  • Data science refers to skills used to collect and analyze information, processing even large volumes promptly. The basic analytical reasoning skills are mundane for anyone. However, a more advanced application means that you need to extract insights from the information you have collected. For this purpose, people apply various tools or even choose to learn a programming language like Python.
  • The list also includes skills tech employers look for that are related to people management, mobile application development, video production, sales leadership, translation, audio production, natural language processing, scientific computing, and game development.

Soft Skills Are Important, Too

Due to the increase of automated tasks, and the rise of artificial intelligence, the importance of soft skills is only going to intensify. Why? Well, machines can only replace those employees who work like machines. Therefore, you expect viable candidates to have invested in developing their soft skills. As a tech employer, you understand that soft skills are just as valuable as technical ones.

So what are some of the soft skills you should look for in a candidate?

While creativity might seem like a fluff skill to many tech employers, it was the most in-demand soft skill in 2019. This skill is often misunderstood as an ability to write poems or novels, or to paint or write musicals. However, in the workplace, it might be more about out-of-the-box thinking. In other words, it’s about the generation of new ideas and the adroit completion of projects.


Furthermore, it is one thing to have an excellent product or service. However, in many cases, the more important factor is the art of selling it. Therefore, persuasion is often a must for sales specialists, content writers, or marketing leaders.

Effective collaboration is another trait among the top soft skills most tech employers look for in their employees. Thanks to task automation, it is vital to stay ahead of the curve and incorporate various technologies to raise productivity.

Additionally, for tech employers and business owners, it is critical to keep track of the newest solutions. Potential candidates need to have the competence to adapt to new techniques quickly.

Besides the ability to adjust to new ways of task execution, you expect employees to juggle multiple projects and meet deadlines. Smart time management contributes to a steady workflow and makes employees more credible. As a tech employer, you look for someone you can trust to carry out tasks on demand.

As a Tech Employer, Aim for a Perfect Balance Between Hard and Soft Skills

A combination of hard and soft skills is what most tech employers are looking for these days. This combination makes a tech employee a reputable, credible, and versatile.

While it might seem natural to focus on technical skills, your business will be more likely to thrive if you look for and hire candidates who have soft skills as well. So look for a positive attitude, good communication skills, and other beneficial personality traits.