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How Barcodes Have Revolutionized Society

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What would our lives be like without barcodes? Are you old enough to remember what life was like before we had them? In this post, we explore our world’s relationship with barcodes.

The History of Barcodes

The first barcode was created in 1974. It was first used in a Marsh Supermarket in Ohio. Since then, the technology has advanced and barcodes have crept into every sphere of our lives.

They have changed the way society runs and how business is conducted worldwide. Moreover, as the technology behind them has advanced, we are developing new ways of using barcodes to make our everyday lives easier.

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Barcodes in Retail

Barcodes have revolutionized the retail industry. Before they came along, the sales process was long and laborious. To ring up a sale, sales assistants would have to manually bring up each item of each sale on the sales system.

This would take a lot of time. Additionally, it led to frequent mistakes. For example, it was easy to ring up the wrong item and undercharge or overcharge the client. However, barcodes in the retail setting eliminates these problems, thereby saving both time and money. It also means shorter lines for customers.

Stock Control

Another way barcodes have revolutionized the retail setting is by assisting in stock control and ordering.

In the past, stores would have to close in order to do inventory control. This would consume a great deal of time and money. However, barcodes allow retailers to gain control over their stock levels. In this way, they can also determine when to reorder stock. This saves retailers time and money.


They have also revolutionized the way we pay for products. For example, it is now possible for clients to pay for their products with their smartphone. This has made the sales process smoother and more convenient for consumers. It is no longer necessary to carry around cash or cards.

QR Codes

Business owners now have new and improved ways of marketing their businesses. For example, many business owners now promote their businesses with the use of QR codes.

These are two dimensional codes that connect clients to a website. The clients can access this website by scanning the QR code. Here they can find out more about the business. Additionally, they can link to any promotions the business might be running.

In Entertainment and Art

Barcodes are now printed onto tickets for concerts and other entertainment events. This in turn assists the organizers with regulating entry into the venue.

Another way that barcodes have revolutionized the world is through art. Many artists are using them as inspiration in creating works of art. These pieces of artwork range from furniture design, to paintings, to graffiti, and even tattoos. In short, they have changed the way we view art.

How Healthcare Benefits from Using Barcodes

Hospitals have also benefited. Barcodes are now being used in many hospitals throughout the world in a variety of ways. For example, they are used to control the supply of blood from the blood bank as well as controlling the medication that each client needs. The use of barcodes in this setting has saved valuable time and money and has led to improvement in medical treatment.


Our lives have changed since the development of barcodes, but we tend to take them for granted. However, they have made our everyday lives easier in so many different ways.

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