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How Employers Should Handle Workplace Discrimination

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Workplace discrimination can have a devastating effect on a company’s morale. If your employees aren’t happy with their job because of coworkers, they may quit. Worse, they could press charges.

Therefore, it’s essential to take any report seriously and to listen carefully to your employees. Here are some simple tips on how to handle workplace discrimination should your employees get accused of it.

Listen to Everything the Complainer Says in a Case of Workplace Discrimination

This step is paramount. Show your employees you’re willing to listen. Don’t talk over them, don’t ignore them, and don’t call them a liar. Let your employee say their piece. This step may happen better with a member of human resources. Give them time, document it, and show that you have faith in them.

The worst thing you could do is not to take your employees seriously. Moreover, if the accusation about this instance of workplace discrimination is one that is bad enough so that you feel you need to file a police report, then show that you’re willing to work with your employee on this.


Interview People Involved in the Alleged Workplace Discrimination

Talk to everyone involved in the incident. For example, if other employees witnessed the discrimination in the workplace, get their opinion on what happened.

This is because the only way to make sure you have a clear understanding of what is happening is to talk to anyone who was present. Therefore, let people say their piece. As they tell you, be sure to ask what they think the right punishment, or way to resolve the problem, might be.

Afterward, if you’re still not sure what took place, look into an economic research firm that can help you.

Don’t Retaliate—And Don’t Allow Others to Retaliate

As important as every step here is, it’s also vital to remember not to allow any retaliation against the person making the complaint about the workplace discrimination. Therefore, don’t let anyone treat this employee differently. It took a lot of bravery for them to step forward in the first place.

If the person getting accused knows about being reported for this instance of workplace discrimination, keep a closer eye on them. Make sure they don’t punish the complainer for speaking up.

Also, if you or an employee see any action taken against the person who spoke up, you need to put an end to it immediately.

Take Action Against the Wrongdoer When It’s Clear Workplace Discrimination Has Occurred

Regardless of whether the alleged workplace discrimination happened, there is something to learn from this.

Moreover, if the discrimination didn’t happen, make it clear that your company doesn’t tolerate false whistleblowing in the workplace.

Regardless of what you find, punish the perpetrator in a way that makes sense. Depending on the severity of the incident, this can range from human resources training to firing the person responsible.

If you’re not sure about the action to take, go back to when you interviewed people. Then figure out what they think the correct response would be. This response is the best way to make sure most people in the office agree with it.


Follow Through

Keep a stern eye on any possible missteps in the future. Train new employees on what you expect of them, and make it clear to all your employees that you won’t tolerate workplace discrimination anymore.

Your company is only as reliable as your employees’ belief in it, so make sure to give them everything they need to have faith in your business.