Educating employees

Educating Employees: Four Ways To Ensure Workplace Growth

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to help educate your employees. By taking the initiative to train them you can ensure that they are keeping up with technology changes and policy changes within the company, as well as teaching them new skills. Adding skills to your employees’ resume provides a win-win situation for your company, allowing you to leverage new skills from your existing employees as well as increasing job satisfaction.

Depending on what information you’d like to teach your employees there are several methods you can use to educate them.

On The Job Training With A Co-Worker

Training in a one-on-one environment is one of the most common ways to teach employees. This method works well in situations where you have an existing employee teaching a specific role to a new employee, or when you are training an employee to take the place of an employee who is moving to a different position. You may also utilize this type of training to cross-train employees to help fill in gaps when an employee is out of the office.


Software-Based Training

Every time you hire a new employee you have to teach them the same information about workplace safety, company policies, and company procedures. An enterprise learning management system allows employers to design and deliver this and other types of training directly to employees. This type of system tracks the education each employee has received. As a result, you save time and money. Once these courses are developed they can be used again and again.

Hiring A Speaker

A motivational speaker can help inspire your employees and motivate change. They can help encourage teamwork, as well as compel employees to action. A speaker can help roll out a changing policy. This helps soften the blow and growing the bonds between team members. Doing so is helpful before you begin formally educating your employees on the new policy. The right speaker can help you meet organizational goals and provide a bit of fun for your employees as well.

Educating Employees

Education Reimbursement

Offering employees reimbursement for tuition has nearly become a standard among today’s large corporations. Most companies that offer this benefit put limits on the annual amount they will reimburse. This is in order to coincide with the tax break offered by the government. Additionally, as an employer, you can limit what type of education you will reimburse for. Most employers will only reimburse for education that can be used within the company. Additionally, employers may require a minimum grade for the course before reimbursing the employee. Not only does your employee benefit by honing skills, but your company can benefit from the tax breaks. Also, you may experience increased morale and employee satisfaction.

Training employees is a critical part of your job as an employer. Successfully implementing new policies, teaching skills, and increasing employee satisfaction are only a few of the ways that successfully training your employees can benefit your company.