Expanding business operations, rising connectivity concerns, and spurting expenses are a few aspects that have made your traditional phone service incompatible for today’s time. That is the reason why you have decided to integrate the virtual phone system, or business VOIP. Using Internet protocol technology to channelize and route calls, both within and outside the organization, is definitely reliable and appropriate for digitally driven organizations.

However, there are certain organizations that have had bad experiences with the technology. Their notion toward the adoption of business VoIP phone service has only worsened. But that was years ago. The good news is that time has taken its course. The technology has evolved. Today, these services are more sophisticated. Moreover, they are rich in quality and effective in providing limitless communication.

If you still are not sure about how you can benefit from it, here are five key considerations for successful business VoIP phone service.


1. Business VOIP Lets You Have a Backup

We always plan to play safe. Traveling to different places, we keep a power bank handy. Or we install a generator to make sure we never run out of power.

Similarly, we advise you to install a second Internet connection. Then, if things go wrong or the network goes offline, your alternative network takes over. This ensures that your data or voice services run without obstruction.

Pro Tip: When buying a second line, make sure you opt for a different service provider. Then, since you'll have two different connections from different companies, you can be sure that even if one fails, the other would be running easily.

2. Find a Reliable Provider

As a general standard, VoIP services make use of SIP, or “session-initiated protocol,” to place calls. It is this SIP that routes calls between the communicating parties. Also, SIP is the reason business VoIP phone services are cheap and affordable.

However, you need to be cautious when selecting a SIP service provider. Often, companies label themselves as the best. However, when you dig deeper, you find that they follow a least-cost routing (LCR) policy.

Though this might be beneficial considering it doesn’t cost you much, you might unknowingly compromise the quality of the connection. Definitely, you would not want to integrate a service that fails to offer a quality connection. Therefore, a reliable service provider is a must.

3. Embed a QoS System

QoS, or quality of service, is something that assures you of on-time delivery of data packets. And what are these packets?

In case you have a faint idea of how data travels, you might have heard the term data packet. That is, when data travels from one end to another, each piece of information collects into different packets. Then, they transfer from the source to the destination.

Now, when these packets are in transit, they follow the first-come-first-serve path to reach the users. However, not all packets are of equal priority. What QoS does for a business VOIP is restrict the pass of low-priority packets. This ensures only the top ones reach users first. Imagine if your network doesn’t have a QoS. Each packet would have to fight for its delivery. This affects call quality.

business voip

A poor-quality connection is bad for your business. What’s more, you could even lose potential clients along the way. So consider installing a dedicated Internet connection for your virtual phone number.

4. Assess the Quality Score of Business VOIP

As mentioned above, the quality of calls by the VoIP phone service is of utmost importance. If the quality is poor or there are interruptions, this is a problem for you and your business.

However, the question here is how to measure call quality. You cannot always dial a number to test it. A better way is to use the MOS, or mean opinion score. This is a standard tool used by most of the companies. Running this over the network, you can determine the call quality for that particular network.

Quality is marked on a scale of one to five. A score of one is the least acceptable. On the other hand, an MOS score of five suggests the quality is as effective as face-to-face conversation.

5. Be Sure to Have a Secured Connection

An unsecured Internet connection is inviting hackers to steal your organization’s data. It is important that you business VoIP phone service is installed with IT security and is totally protected against cyber hacks.

The Final Word

Finding the best VoIP phone service might seem like a daunting task. However, knowing what you are looking for makes things easier. The above considerations will help you select an efficient and scalable business VoIP phone service. With the right tool, you can strive toward problem-free communication within and outside your organization.