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SMS marketing is a way for business owners to advertise their goods and services directly to clients and prospective clients. It is inexpensive and extremely effective. If you are not yet using SMS marketing to promote your business, perhaps you should be. Read on to find out more.

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS is an abbreviation for “short message service.” SMS messages can be promotional messages, product launches, sales offers, and more. In the 21st century, most people think they can’t do without their mobile phones. Therefore, there are multiple channels through which you can promote your business. SMS marketing is one of them.

Simply put, SMS marketing is text messages that businesses send individuals on their mobile phones.

SMS messaging works because buyers today want easier, faster, and more convenient means of communicating with the merchants they feel loyalty toward.

If you’re looking for a way to get started, tools such as those from Jook SMS provide the most reliable means for sellers to gain direct access to buyers.

Integrating SMS with your other modes of marketing will allow you to:

  • promote your business
  • advertise your products
  • communicate with customers
  • receive feedback

Basically, SMS messaging can help businesses with multiple marketing tasks. What’s more, text messages have an exceptionally high open rate. For example, customers read more than 98% of messages within a few minutes of receiving them.


How Does It Work?

To understand how SMS marketing works, there are two basic terms you need to master: short code and keywords.

Short Code

A short code is a specific, short, and easily memorized number that your SMS service provider associates with your business. It is the number from which you will send your marketing messages.

Short codes are usually five to six digits long. This makes them easy to enter and remember.

In addition to a short code, sellers usually find it helpful to have an automated response system. Also, it can be useful to have a standby customer agent ready to respond to customers’ calls or inquiries.


Keywords are special words that are intended to trigger actions from buyers. Ideally, your buyers will have a sense of personal connection with the keywords you use in your SMS marketing campaign.

This because aim of every marketing campaign is to elicit some form of response. For example, you might want to promote more sales or to receive calls from prospective clients with your SMS marketing campaign. Therefore, deploying the right keywords is essential to a successful campaign.

Initially, in order for customers to continue receiving your marketing messages, they need to reply to your short code with your chosen keyword. To find out more, check out top bulk messaging companies you can use for your SMS marketing campaigns.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing provides a higher open rate than emails. Plus, you will be sending your customers and prospective customers mobile-friendly messages with fast delivery and response times. In return, you’ll enjoy better customer engagement and more customer loyalty.