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How to Open Your Own Online Casino

Have you ever thought you’d like to open your own online casino? It’s closer to being a reality than you might think. You could be the person behind the doors counting the profits instead of a player who’s trying to win.

Imagining Your Future as the Owner of Your Own Online Casino

When you have worked to build a successful online gaming site, you learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Look at Lucky Pants Bingo, for instance, and you will see many of the ingredients that make an online gaming experience work. Here we explore some of the choices you should make on your business plan when you start thinking about opening your own online casino.

The Starting Point for Opening Your Own Online Casino

Obviously, the starting point of the process of opening your own online casino is getting your money in order. Do you have enough to cover the required costs and any future development paths? There is no single answer to how much it will cost to set up with a casino business. It will depend on a host of choices you will make along the way.

You may also need a gambling license to open as an online casino. Not all sites require one so start by taking a simple approach. If you dedicate your site to ideas about gambling without the need to take money and pay out money, then you can proceed without a license. However, if you want people to lay a bet then you will need some sort of license.

The First Stages of Development

Step one in the development of your online casino is to find and cost your software. If you opt for a full software package this will be your single biggest cost. If you opt to develop the platform yourself and integrate third-party software on your site, then you can keep the costs down. However, you may pay the price of a do-it-yourself project in different ways.

Before you can get started, you also need to arrange technical and customer support. This support must be available every minute of every day and all year long. The number of support officers should be enough to help every player at any point. The longer the delay in response to a query, the more customers you will lose.

Finally, take care to understand who your market will be. You will want to target the audience best suited to your overall plan.

Choosing the Best Software

As with anything, you need to seek out multiple proposals and packages for your online casino from different providers. This is necessary for finding the best deal to support your vision. If you choose the right package you could enjoy additional services such as support setting up a bank account and applying for your gambling license. If you are going to take out a full package such as this, you must undertake research into your partner in business. Make sure you have done your due diligence.

When choosing your software for your online casino think about the game content. What is the quantity, quality, and variety of tools available? Is there a chance for additions to your catalogue of games as the site develops?


The developers should be using the latest language for software development. You want your site to be future proof, as much as possible. So you should expect the latest version that is in line with the latest developments in the sector. A bonus would also be back-end support for the maintenance and management of your software. The more you can delegate responsibilities for the functionality of your website, the more time you can spend on marketing and promoting your business.

You need to ask about the payment system, also, as you need a high-quality built-in API. Keep in mind, too, that it is becoming increasingly common for online casinos to use cryptocurrencies. You should also ask about the ability to set up a loyalty and bonus program. 


Although the price of the software package is important, the security systems offered by your provider are more vital to the success of your project. If your site is hacked and unreliable you will never create a regular customer base.

Promoting Your Online Casino

Once you have set up your software and have all the finances in place, you need to draw your audience to the site. If you have a few high-quality games that have an established following, you can start to gain some traction.

However, the best advice is to invest in the help of a marketing company that has specialized knowledge in the promotion of casinos. You will want them to undertake a mixture of SEO content creation, email marketing, social media, affiliate marketing and more.

Also, you need to use a customer relationship management system. With this system, you can build up your list of customers and contacts, so you can keep people updated with your latest marketing and offers.



In reality, this introduction to setting up your own online casino is only a sample of the complexity involved. Before you make any moves into the profitable—though risky—world of online casinos, you need to know your stuff.