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An American Client Base Is Pivotal to UK Business Success

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Once your business begins to grow in the UK, you’ll begin to think further afield. If you think your opportunities are limited here, then you need to start focusing on international markets. The US is one of the best countries in the world to do with business with. If you can build a solid American client base, your business will reap the benefits.


Why is it so important for your UK company to expand its horizons and build an American client base?

Networking Opportunities with American Clients

In order to start building your business relationship in the States, you’re going to have to visit with American prospects. Video conferences, phone calls, and emails can only stretch so far. Meeting people face-to-face and getting your name out there is vital to start building a name for yourself with Americans.

Moreover, don’t take the power of networking lightly. New York City is a hub for international business, so it’s a good place for you to start.

A Strong American Economy

The US has one of the world’s most thriving economies. Plus, it is the UK’s number-one export market. There is so much to be gained by expanding your business there.

However, it is worth noting that despite the fact British goods are popular in the UK, it does not necessarily mean your company will become an immediate success among Americans. You need to do your research of the clientele there, and see where your business can fill the gap in the American market most successfully.

Help with Expanding

If you are unsure where to start researching among your possible American clients, this is where your networking can come into play. This is because your international links can help your business thrive in unfamiliar territory.

These are the people who know American customers better than you do. Therefore, they can offer guidance with what products will work and which won’t.

What’s more, all 50 states in the US operate differently. Therefore, by having a business in the US helping you, your product range and client reach will expand exponentially among Americans.

Finding a Reliable American Partner

With Brexit underway, it’s a smart idea for you to think about trading options outside of Europe. The future of the trading relationship between the UK and Europe is uncertain. However, as we mentioned above, the US has a strong economy. Therefore, it’s best to focus your efforts on a more reliable trading partner such as another business owner who happens to be American.

Plus, trading agreements between the UK and the US are well-established. Therefore, you have less to worry about for the future. This allows you to make a long-term business plan with any American partner you might have.

Boosting Your Reputation Internationally

When your business manages to break into the US market this will do wonders for your company’s international reputation. This is because a wider audience adds more credibility to your business.

Moreover, this could even invite future investment and further opportunities. The more people your brand reaches, the more profit you can potentially make.


Establishing a business relationship with the US market is vital for your company to expand and grow to its best potential. The country makes a reliable partner and can introduce your products to so many more customers.