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Are you a college student working toward a business degree? Then you probably have a lot of homework. In this article, we give you some tips on writing a top-notch business essay.


In fact, writing an essay is as simple as ABC. All you need to do is follow the instructions below.

A: Conduct Research for Your Business Essay

Every essay should start with an in-depth analysis of your topic. Therefore, allocate as much time as possible to this stage.

If you make a deep dive and discover all the ins and out of your topic, you’ll be able to write your essay quickly. Moreover, you’ll be able to share your thoughts about the business problem your essay addresses and write about possible ways to resolve that issue.

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B: Outline and Write Your Essay

When you know your subject well, then it is about time to start crafting your essay. To simplify the process, first create an outline of your business essay. Thereafter, writing your essay will be a simple matter of following your outline.

Use the following template to construct your outline and write your business essay:


In the introduction, tell the reader a little about your subject and point out the main problem. Also, give definitions of the business terms you will use in your essay. Don’t forget to drop a word about an organization you plan to mention in your essay.

Paper Body

In the body of your essay, deliver in an organized manner the information about the problem your paper addresses. Then provide your analysis. Use this section to deliver all the information you’ve collected.

Also, back up your statements with relevant statistics and other facts. However, do not hesitate to supplement a business essay with your personal views about a situation and how it could evolve in the future.


Complete your business essay by restating your viewpoint succinctly. Mention the key points that led you to your conclusions. Be sure to share your personal opinion of a situation in the concluding words of your business essay.


Depending on the format your professor requires, cite the sources of your information either at the end of your business essay in alphabetical order or in footnotes throughout your paper.

C: Proofread Your Business Essay

Never deliver your paper without thoroughly proofreading it first. Unless your professor frowns upon it, you can check your essay by using an online tool that detects grammar errors and doubled spaces.

Unfortunately, these tools don’t guarantee 100% accuracy. Therefore, you’ll often have to rely on your own knowledge and judgment, perhaps backed up by a recognized editorial style book. Whatever the case, always double-check your business essay yourself, and avoid mistakes as much as you can.

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Additionally, if you think you might have over-used your sources of information without accurate citations, you might want to check the level of plagiarism in your essay as well.

There are several online services that will help you to detect plagiarized content. Rest assured, your professor uses these services! So if you find any plagiarism in your paper, rewrite those sections. You may or may not need to change your citations afterward.


Final Remarks About Writing a Business Essay

Even if you are a first-year college student with poor writing skills, you can create a flawless business analysis essay by following the tips in this article. So be sure to conduct thorough research, develop a careful outline, write your essay to the best of your ability, then methodically check it for errors.