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Business Information Updates During COVID-19 Breakout

Over recent months, the world has been plunged into chaos as a result of the COVID-19 breakout. This pandemic has affected continents across the planet. The breakout has resulted in mass lockdowns, affected jobs, and impacted economies. We are experiencing a devastating effect on day-to-day life. In addition, the breakout is seriously affecting businesses. Some businesses close while others change their hours to stay active. Under these conditions, business information updates on websites and social media make the difference for survival.

Businesses have been affected in various ways depending on the nature of the business. Some, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, are working harder than ever. Still other businesses are classified as nonessential. These have been forced to close down during the peak of the pandemic. For businesses that have been affected by closures or changed hours, it is vital to keep customers updated. Business owners must focus on ensuring accurate, updated business information. Thankfully, there are various ways this can be done online.

Business Information Updates via Social Media

Keeping your business information updated at this difficult time is vital for both your business and your customers. One of the easiest ways to provide updates on closures, changes in opening hours, online ordering, and deliveries is via social media. This will not take up a huge amount of your time. Also, social media allows others to pass on information by sharing your posts. You can provide brief posts, or you can even post a link to an information page on your website.

Google My Business

You should also update your profile on Google My Business. Google My Business updates search results in real time. This way, customers receive updated business information and view the key details at a glance. When you update your profile, it will automatically update the key details both on Google Search and Google Maps. So you can be sure that those looking for information will be able to see your main business details quickly. They won’t likely spend much time trawling the Internet trying to find more information.

Business Information Updates
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Business Information Updates via Email Messaging

Sending update emails is another way to use digital technology in order to keep your customers informed. This is especially true for your business operations during the COVID-19 outbreak. People will be keen to know what is going on with your business. You can help them out by sending the information directly to their inboxes. In addition, if you tend to send out email newsletters to your customers, make sure your information is updated.


Helping Your Business and Your Customers

Make sure all of your details are current and available online. Doing so helps both your business and your customers. Focus on wherever customers go to find information about your business. Key data, such as opening hours and deliveries, must be current in order to serve your customers well.