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Marketing Your eLearning Course Is Easier During Lockdown

Photo by Javier Quesada on Unsplash

Have you been having a tough time finding the right people for your eLearning course? Or have you been shying away from the idea of creating a course because you’re wary of marketing challenges?

Well, that’s a problem many trainers and course publishers have to face. However, this is a good time to challenge your thinking about that.

The world is locked down, and marketing your eLearning course can be easier than ever.

Wondering how? Here are four reasons why marketing our eLearning course is easier than ever during the lockdown.

So, buckle up, read on, and implement.

1. More Time Means You Can Explore More Marketing Opportunities for Your eLearning Course

As we are not going out, spending hours on things that don’t reap beneficial results, we can say that we have more time than we’ve had in a long while.

This means that we have the opportunity to invest more time in marketing channels and techniques that we didn’t have earlier.

So, whether it’s email marketing or SEO or paid ads campaigns, with more time, we can try more and more of these techniques. And if someone has already been working around these ideas, they can explore more opportunities like influencer marketing etc.

Indeed, the outbreak has led to some good things, especially when it comes to marketing your eLearning course.


2. Your Learners Have More Time and May Interact More Actively with Your eLearning Course

One common reason why many of us don’t sign up for anything new is the lack of time.

You too might have wanted to take those piano lessons but had to stall for the lack of time.

And that’s just one example. There can be several more for different people. The same holds true for your learners as well.

There are chances that they might have wanted to join your eLearning sessions earlier but couldn’t due to a lack of time.

Well, this is when you change that.

So, kick the barriers aside and start off with marketing your awesome eLearning course.

This is also a good reason why it’s a good time to create your eLearning course if you haven’t already. And with a good learning management system and the right authoring tool, it will become far easier than you ever imagined.

3. Paid Ads Are Costing Less

As the lockdown is affecting a large number of businesses, this effect is also being reflected on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

As a result, running campaigns for your eLearning course on these platforms currently costs way less than what it generally used to cost.

In fact, Facebook CPMs are down by 75%, and Google CPCs are down by almost 50%.

Does that smell like big savings on paid ads? Well, that’s just what it is.

This indicates that marketing for your eLearning course is easier and more economical right now.

4. More Collaboration Opportunities

One of the best things that are happening during the lockdown is that collaborations have become easier than ever.

As most of us are locked inside, influencers are taking collaboration opportunities more positively than they might usually do.

This can enable us to get in touch with more of them and convert more collaboration pitches.

So, prepare a good pitch for your eLearning course and send it off.

For a better idea of what you can collaborate for, a live quiz or a special guest session can be a good idea.

People are home, and if they like your idea, they may well attend these sessions.

Final Words

If you are a trainer or even a course publisher and haven’t tried much marketing, the idea of working on lead generation can come off as intimidating to you.

But don’t worry. This lockdown is the best time to try again and again.

So put these ideas for marketing your eLearning course to good use now—while you have plenty of time on your hands.

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